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286 Sunshine Ep 113 - Lake County has busted them!
Sep 21, 2022

286 Sunshine

Bringing you news and events in the spirit of the Florida Sunshine law statute 286. The rise of...



Is the Citrus County BOCC supporting the Sheriff's non transparent budget, The Drop Program, poisoning the waterways with glysophate, lack of voter integrity, political prisoners, and more. I called them out. Wait till you see their response. Yes we will be at Howards with printed documentation to support all of our claims! Lake County has them dead to rights on voter fraud. Mail in balloets are the scourge of the the dirty SOE's of every county, every state. 55% in Citrus County. We have the video for Lake County and wait until you hear what the volunteers in citrus county had to say about what happened at the polls!

A message from Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green

Voter Integrity-

EXCLUSIVE: ‘They’re Trying to Take Me out of This Election’: Bannon Responds to New Indictment

Central Florida Human Trafficking Sting Operation, Sheriff’s Office Arrest Disney Employee and School Teachers

New Merchant Code Approved for Card Purchases of Guns, Ammunition

The television audience was presented with the trailer for a new FX cartoon “sitcom” entitled, “LITTLE DEMON.”

Watchdog Groups Allege Election Violations in Florida’s 2022 and 2020 Elections

Gregg Phillips on Voting lake County - Not deliverable mail ballots

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