2021 AUG 27 Senior Trump HHS COVID Advisor Drops BOMBS Task Force Mislead POTUS, No Pandemic
Aug 27, 2021

It is never the Truth that we should fear it is the other stuff and the only thing we have to...


MOAB: Dr. Paul E. Alexander States categorically THE announcement of the FDA approval for a Covid Vaccine is trickery SMOKE and MIRRORS THERE IS NO FDA APPROVED COVID VACCINE AVAILABLE!!!!

WOW! Dr. Paul E. Alexander appeared on "The Stew Peters Show", confirming what we have all suspected, and leaving no doubt about what's really behind the COVID narrative.

Stew Peters lived up to his reputation for asking the real questions, in search of the uncomfortable truth.

Dr. Alexander was not shy about answering the questions surrounding President Trump, the "pandemic" and the "vaccines".

Stew Peters Show


ORIGINAL SOURCE: Published August 27, 2021

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  • Here are my problems with this guys story. Trump knew about Hydroxychloriquine. He nor his Medical Doctor, both who are against the vaccine, had all the time in the world to educate him, but they are on Gab. Trump still pushes the vaccine and claims to be the father of it. He would only do that if he was willfully ignorant or if he is a willing participant. Trump took a lot of my from pharma and has stocks in pharma. I find it troubling he would be profiting off this.

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