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2022 FEB 09 Statement from AU SAS Lt Col (Ret) Riccardo Bosi from Canberra Convoy Camp
Feb 09, 2022


It is never the Truth that we should fear it is the other stuff and the only thing we have to...



Statement from AU SAS Lt Col (Ret) Riccardo Bosi

• Bad Actors

• Not about mandates this is the War for the World We do not negotiate with the criminals within Parliament

• We speak to the Governor General and request the dissolvement of this Government and establish an executive who are to be tasked with the utter purging of our electoral system of all the cheats the previous Rogue governments have put in place since stealing of Australia by a Corporation to have Australia in a place where fair and Free elections take place

• We stay until this Government is Dissolved but the Governor General.

Warning about Bad Actors operating within the camp trying to defuse the momentum of the people working against the goal to take back Australia and secure our sovereignty This is not about mandates this is the War for the World, and this is Australia’s water shed moment to take back the nation from the criminals ensconced within Parliament Every Parliamentarian who has remained silent supported and voted in the affirmative or remained silent or absent.

This is critical to purge the players who have played a part in supporting this coup and stealing of our sovereignty at a levels of Societies infrastructure Bureaucrats, Police, Armed Forces Judicial System, Medical System, Local Government, State Government, and the Educational System from Pre school to higher education organisation, and also legacy media and within the corporate commerce of Australia which has colluded with this rouge government to take control of Australians lives via commerce and actively violating the peoples human rights and freedoms and sovereignty


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