Jan 09, 2022


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Dr Michael Yeadon joins Reiner Fuellmich to Discuss Genocide Clues

Dr Michael Yeadon posted via his Telegram Channel [see url:] the following: [Evidence of DOSE RANGE-FINDING for lethal outcomes]

You’ll be aware that one of our assiduous researchers noticed a short while ago that adverse events are not occurring randomly throughout the batches & lots of vaccines made by a given manufacturer.

Instead, it appears that just 5% of the batches / lots are associated with almost all the deaths.

Given the tight requirements of consistency associated with an authorised product, it’s absolutely impossible that this is a chance event.

No: this is I regret to say unequivocal evidence of malfeasance.

The new (to me) observations in this document are absolutely extraordinary & upsetting.

In brief, they’ve uncovered striking evidence of what’s called DOSE RANGE-FINDING for lethal outcomes.

There are 4-5 different sets of batches / lots of the Pfizer vaccine, deployed in the USA, which show this DRF effect.

Worse, there is a quiet period between each of the lethal batches, the purpose of which is clearly BASELINE ESTABLISHMENT.

You really don’t need a vivid imagination to infer why this work has been done.

If you harboured any residual doubts about whether there is or not a depopulation agenda, this presentation destroys that doubt.

The final, chilling observation is that all three companies are doing similar, sinister studies.

They’re operating in such a way so as to not run over each other. When company A is deploying lethal batches, companies B & C are deploying only harmless batches.

Best wishes Mike

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  • I’m about half way through watching and thought it’s worth noting that there could reasonably be very different adverse event numbers for different lots IF the lots varied considerably in size… which was the case in the data I looked at (though this still didn’t appear to account for the variation).

    (Just making a note in case this factor is not brought up in the rest of the video.)

  • Brilliant program thank you; and this does beg the question, couldn’t these perpetrators of toxic killer lots just keep changing the lot#s ? What would keep them from doing that? Call to action: This video needs to go out to every pharmacist you know as well as your city council members and public health officers. They are all complicit in this, knowingly or unknowingly..

  • Thank you for sharing this!

  • BUT.......THERE IS NO VIRUS..!!

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