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2022 MAR 03 Putins War on Bio-Labs Pfizer Witness Exposes Safety Trials, David Harris Blasts Biden
Mar 04, 2022


It is never the Truth that we should fear it is the other stuff and the only thing we have to...




BIOWEAPON LABS IN UKRAINE: Dr. Ariyana Love returns to discuss Putin's purging of bioweapon labs in Syria and now in Ukraine.

“THE ELEPHANTS IN THE ROOM” JAROME BELL TALKS UKRAINE & WAR: (Congressional candidate in Virginia) 27-year veteran Jarome Bell discusses the ongoing war in Ukraine, as NATO continues to feign intervention while Kiev spreads propaganda and refuses to surrender.

COVID RESEARCHER TURNED WHISTLEBLOWER BROOK JACKSON: shares never; before heard dark details of Pfizer’s stage 3 vaccine trials. She witnessed disgusting practices but hasn't been able to tell anyone due to overwhelming legal intimidation. That ended today!

JOE BIDEN'S STATE OF FAILURE: David J. Harris Jr. addresses Joe Biden's State of Failure and the clapping seals of Congress who are happy to obsess and cry over Ukraine while ignoring the corruption at home.


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  • stew plz, i religiously watch and love ur show for the truth i think you share without fear. but i have not only horribly suffered from morgellons for over five yrs now but i have obsessively researched every single thing, avenue, rabbit hole, peer reviewed papers, videos, you name it, i know a lot and have tons of evidence. if you give me a moment of your time, i will quickly grab your attention and be able to simply prove what these fibers are. with thousands of microscopic pics that are of my own ailment, incredible photos, and this i do not believe at all is robotic. it is parasitic however, and most likely either a new invasive species or modified somewhere like ft. detrick , wuhan, or ukraine, who knows. if i am correct , then ill be proof that morgellons is much older than covid. i am almost 100 percent sure that one of the parasites in the videos of the jabbed ive seen is exactly what they are calling morgs(delusional parasitosis). ill blow ur minds away, trust me. after getting the same exact treatment as every single other sufferer of this hell by every doctor or facility from oklahoma to phoenix, er, urgent cares, the MAYO clinic even, i realized that something very nefarious was in fact going on, and while trying to fight for the med(ivermectin) that i knew i needed suspecting a parasitic infection, covid happened. so for an illness other than covid, my script of topical cream was going to cost me 740 dollars, but wasnt on back order nor allowed to be ordered at all from neither CVS in phoenix or wal greens. walgreens , later, was able to order one oral tablet of ivermectin for me only my insurance didnt cover it of course, so i paid 150 for one tablet. came back to oklahoma and have been prescribed the med twice for 40 each time. was told after the first one that there was a limit to how many times it could be written, and i fact checked that to be completely false and then demanded my doctor give me another dose which she did without argument. stew im a very smart uneducated person just seeking truth and mercy of any kind plz. ur so intelligent, i hope to show you the piece that will dismantle big pharma if found out. or at least give a different personal account of what this can do to a person that has morgs long term, its ruined my life but im a truther, a die hard patriot, and my faith and light will get me to this truth, i believe it with all my heart, my babies and i have suffered so much, and the truth will in fact be what sets us finally free. God speed to all of you. i have so much to share and to offer anyone interested in truth. i have it. keep fighting and thank you for the opportunity and means to communicate. ive been trying but heavily censored since 2015., plz plz, i do not need long, and your time will not be wasted. truth wins

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