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4VKM: Vincent Kennedy - McMahon vs Trump (The Lost Episode)
Feb 09, 2021


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The relationship between Vincent Kennedy McMahon and Donald J Trump go back to the 1980s. Trump hosted Wrestlemania 4 & 5 consecutively bringing a huge economic BOOM to the Atlantic Beach, NJ area.

At Wrestlemania 7 in Los Angeles, CA, Trump appeared live in the crowd with other celebrities including Macaulay Culkin, Chuck Norris, Henry Winkler and Lou Ferrigno. Follow the White Rabbit. Hollywood...Mac safe with these guys?

Wrestlemania XX is back Where it All Began in Madison Square Garden in New York City. Donald Trump is interviewed by Jesse Ventura, who coincidentally he had met with on January 7th, 2000 (1/07/00). Flash to the future where Trump signals something BOMBSHELL about Vincent Kennedy McMahon

The Battle of the Billionaires was a contest where both Trump and McMahon each had a wrestler represent them in a match at Wrestlemania 23. Trump had ECW Champion and US Army Veteran Bobby Lashley represent him while McMahon had WWE Intercontinental Champion Umaga represent him. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special guest referee in a match in which the losing billionaire would get his head shaved by the winner.

The following night on WWE Monday Night RAW, the loser comes out wearing a favorite hat of both President John F. Kennedy and the oh so curious Vincent Fusca.

On June 15th, 2009, Mr. McMahon decided to sell Monday Night RAW. 6 years later

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  • Woah!!! ThanQ Andrew for high lighting this one, that boobtube deleted immed.

    Soooo many 45 and 17 comms! Shows how long The Plan has been in action. Insane and horrific at times, but fun as fuck is this movie, and thank God we're nearing the end?

    I adore you Superman Trump Q+, JFK Jnr, Vincent, Andrew, General Flynn, Admiral Rogers and EVERY single one of you, past, present and future.




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