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4VKM: Vincent Kennedy - Removing the Virus (World Wrestling Essential)
Feb 09, 2021


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In October 2017, President Trump met with Military leaders and their spouses. At this event he made a cryptic comment to the media stating, "Maybe this is the Calm Before the Storm."

Shortly after an Anonymous poster called "Q" started posting on underground message boards waking up Patriots to a plan that had been years in the making.

Vince McMahon (Best Friend of Donald Trump) recounts his time where Federal Prosecutors used many of the same tactics used against President Trump throughout the Russia Hoax and also the Impeachment SHAM.

When COVID-19 struck, it effected the world of Professional Wrestling leading to the cancellation of Wrestlemania 36 in Tampa, FL. Although the show went on, there were no fans in attendance.

Drew McIntyre had been proclaimed to be the "Chosen One" by Vince McMahon back in 2010. Coincidentally during this HISTORIC Wrestlemania, McIntyre would be in the Main Event, winning his first World Championship, fulfilling a prophecy from McMahon from 10 years earlier. Coincidentally, "The Chosen One" McIntyre slay "The BEAST" Brock Lesnar to become the first Scottish Born World Champion in WWE.

The media world went nuts when it had learned that Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida deemed WWE, an essential business in the state of Florida. The media ran with "DeSantis deemed WWE essential" but in reality it was ALL Sports Leagues and Media companies with National Audiences. There was also an insinuation that Linda McMahon bribed Governor DeSantis with an $18 million donation, but that was to Trump's Florida Campaign, not DeSantis himself.

It is revealed that JFK had saved a man named McMahon on the boat he commanded, the PT-109. This event had happened just a few years prior to Vincent Kennedy McMahon's birth.

On April 3rd, 2020 we learned why exactly WWE was considered ESSENTIAL, as a new Character with STRONG resemblances to "Qanon" had appeared to unveil "TRUTH" to the WWE Universe.

On an edition of WWE Backstage on FS1, the Hacker had interrupted Booker T and the panel. They had used a passcode that fit perfectly back to QDROP 512. When they returned to the panel, you can clearly here Booker T say "That's Kennedy!"

Titus O'Neil gives a passionate speech to the people of Tampa calling for accountability of law enforcement but also ELECTED OFFICIALS.

We end this video revealing the man who is behind the chaos of rioting and also the recent hit pieces on Vince McMahon and WWE via VICE Media's "Dark Side of the Ring" special....GS



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