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What is 4VKM?
Apr 10, 2021


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Interview w/ Conspiracy Horsemen starts at 12:21 ;)

On 2.21.2020 a video series named 4VKM began broadcasting on YouTube. The day marked the 40th Anniversary of Vince & Linda McMahon's founding on Titan Sports, which would go on to purchase the WWE from Vincent James McMahon.

After months of videos, The Conspiracy Horsemen, led by @BIN HAMIN and 4VKM Alumni @Stevie Richards discovered 4VKM and brought it up on their 11.25 broadcast. You can see that at this link. They start talking around 4VKM at 1:06:00 mark.

The next day, Stevie & Bin Hamin continued the 4VKM discussion where they speculated that this must be some sort of CIA/Deep State plot. You can see that discussion at this link. 4VKM conversation starts around 20:00.

One of the topics brought up by Stevie Richards was around the origins of the Kennedy name within Vincent Kennedy McMahon. We cut to Jimmy Dean who explains the PT-109 story of how JFK saved a man named McMahon in 1943. Vince McMahon was born 2 years later.

Vince McMahon was born in Pinehurst, NC. His parents split when he was an infant. He did not meet his father until he was 12 years old. The rest is history...STAND BACK

Now that 4VKM is in the Public Conversation, the creator Andrew emerges to go on Conspiracy Horsemen on 12.9 to clear the air and explain what this means for TODAY's CURRENT EVENTS.

Link will be provided here to the Conspiracy Horsemen when available. You can view on @BIN HAMIN YouTube.

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