Tim Doyle & The Golden Ones

since: May 1st 2022
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  • Tim is a spiritual teacher and guide who shares the channeled teachings of The Golden Ones based on Universal Laws and principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity for the greater good. The Golden Ones have channeled their teaching on the purpose of life for each soul born to Earth. Earth is a Spiritual Training School, and The Golden Ones’ teachings will assist the soul in the comprehension of their Path and Ascension to their next level of soul development.

    While now retired and settled in China after a 35-year career in the corporate world in the United States, Tim is an Ordain Metaphysical Minister, Reiki Master, Certified Kundalini Instructor, and author.

    Since 1972, Tim has been a student of the Golden Ones. Tim explains, “The Golden Ones are the Co-Creator Gods’ administrators of Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy Training School, sanctioned by the Galactic Council. They teach aspects and processes of Manifestation, using Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind, interactions with Universal Mind, and attuning to the Heart and Mind of God. Their teachings greatly assist in the soul’s Ascension. All souls coming to Earth are here to train to become a Co-Creator God.”

    Over the years, Tim received many visitations from The Golden Ones, Angel of Death, Lords of Amenti, Thoth the Egyptian God, the Arcturians, who are 7th Dimension Beings. He also has experience drinking Ayahuasca and Huachuma with the Shamans in Peru, UFO encounters, out-of-body experience (OOBE), and astral travel. His guidance is to educate souls on their purpose in this Earth’s Spiritual Training School and use their God Characteristics embedded within.

    Since 2013, Tim has worked with thousands of people to assist in comprehending their purpose in life and the best path for their soul’s Ascension. Tim’s online platform, the Path to Oneness, offers online courses, eBooks, and consultations for spiritual ascension and Astrology/Numerology Reports to understand the self. All these products and services are now available on a donation-based model. The idea is to allow everyone, no matter their financial or soul condition, to be guided by the Golden Ones towards happiness, success, and prosperity.

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