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A Pregnant Woman Shows How To Fight Back Against Mask Maniacs
May 11, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



How to fight back against the mask madness.

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  • Ok, do we really think the person recording had relatives die because of the virus?? It seems everyone making such videos have such reasons and its hard for me to believe. That being said, if you did have a relative die, and believed the all knowing mainstream media sources that maskless people caused such deaths which are avoidable (because apparently death now is avoidable and lock downs should remain until no one ever dies from Covid), then I could understand why someone so worked up would be so angry and frustrated and want to record and rant at this lady. Funny to me how people think such shaming will make a difference to us anti-maskers. If this woman is shopping in what looks to be a Wegmans, I am sure she is regularly accosted by customers... she knows what she is getting in to and has such strength of character to not give in to social pressures to put a mask on. I live near these stores and have not shopped in them because of the woke crowd who loves going there and feels the need to lecture others on their health choices. Either kick me out or leave me alone, cuz I'm not putting a mask on my face.

  • Fag screaming me me me me is all I hear. Someone should have stood up for her! Fags have the privilege of being protected so they will get in anyone's face about anything

  • The silly cameraman makes it abundantly clear that its all about him - sums up the left loonies perfectly - " I want, I want, I want ". he should be in the corner with his hands on his head

  • I am in my 60s, and I'm a ranch hand, these days. I love it. I do a lot of dirty work, and when I'm running equipment, it's throwing dust, everywhere. I grew up on ranches, cowboying, trailing hundreds of cows in hot, dry conditions, and wearing a scarf over my face, as I do now, when I'm doing dust raising work. I hate it and minimize it as much as possible, because too many hours of constant face covering, gives me a tenacious, penetrating headache. I don't know how people keep doing it for hours and hours, pretty much from their waking moments. When I see people driving by themselves, wearing masks, it just pisses me off, because they are putting everyone around them at A VERY REAL RISK, not this fake pandemic, bullshit risk.

  • How pathetic arguing with him. Just keep shrugging and saying “tough shit” the entire time.

  • bring black pepper spray or a tazer light em up !

  • tranny alert !

  • I have been saying this for a year now.. more people should go in groups and not wear mask...ty

  • Speaking of which, if “drop;ets” are the issue, why is it not allowed to wear a mask over the mouth only? You can’t really shoot droplets out of your nose unless you’re sneezing really hard, in which case you should stay at home - the mask won’t do anything.

  • I am a first responder. I would not allow someone to do this within my purview. It is assault. If you want to calmly tell someone your point of view, you can do that. If you want to express how sad you are, go for it. If you use a threatening tone as this person did, if you pursue them after they have calmly asked you to leave them alone, you are assaulting them.
    If it happened somewhere outside of my zone of authority I might feel the need to protect her in a more physical manner. Who knows?

  • I live in TX and go everywhere without a mask. Not putting one. I believe should do what right for you and I'll do what's right for me.

  • I'm a healthy 66 year old & want to keep my immune system healthy as long as I can. They can stick masks up their...beep! Since C-19 started I can almost count on both hands how many times I had to put a mask on. I go to HD to sell crafts, hug necks, don't wear a mask, live & love life. Maybe because of my age I haven't been mask shamed but I have gotten plenty of evil eyes laid upon me (especially when I wear my Trump shirts). I say "F" em' My body, my right. God will take me when he decides its my time.

  • Masks are not useless. They are not designed to 'dehumanize us'. What a paranoid theory.

  • They are trying to make us all into ANTIFA...

  • It’s always the sissy gutless ball less men who attack me - I want to see them go after the big burley guys - he’s the evil one

  • Walk SISTA! The little lieing fool, who iz obviously SHAMING HER with their MOCKINGGBIRD CRAP! WALK LADY..Today I did & it's legal here in FLORIDA! These fools want to lock Step..I choose Not to! The end..Wierdoes! Yes Groups 4 sure..No one has the GUTS! 5-13-21

  • I haven't worn a mask at all. Inhaling toxic C02 for hours weakens the immune system, can cause anxiety, sympathetic (fight or flight) response, increased risks for patients with heart issues, can cause lung infections, pleurisy, impetigo, staph infections, and in higher levels, death. Why would ANYONE wear a mask for a virus with a 99% recovery rate? And why be a lab rate for an experimental mRNA injection that the creators have stated there is no assurance it with PREVENT the spread of cv or PREVENT contracting cv...SO WHAT IS IT REALLY FOR!?

  • A "MANDATE" is a strongly worded suggestion and carries no force of law.

  • It's simple. Ask the mask-wearer if masks are effective. Are masks effective? Are they? That's why you're wearing one, right? If they're effective, then you're okay - and don't need to worry about anyone else. The virus can't get you - because you're protected by your mask, right?

    Of course, if they were to admit that masks are not effective, then in your best Princess Leia voice, ask "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" OR "Aren't you a little old to be wearing a face diaper?"

  • Tell your wife to come down to the mid-valley. It's less intense...I live near the Giant food store in Dickson City and my wife said that she would go massless shopping with her.

    I haven't worn a mask yet and no one says anything.

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