Aug 05, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



The vision for Gab Ads.

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  • Are you going to create your own crypto currency?

  • How do I get an invitation to advertise on GAB? I just set up a "group page" as I cannot figure out how to set up a "business page" like I have on Fascistbook I own a health insurance agency ( and have an advertising budget of $500 a month or more depending on how well it grows my book of business. Our core demographic are business owners and families. We specialize in individual and small group health plans and its ancillaries. Our clients range from the under 65 market to the over 65 Medicare market. We need to support one another's conservative owned businesses. We are licensed in 12 states and continue to expand.

  • How can I get an invite to Gab Ads, I do digital marketing for other businesses and some are interested in advertising on Gab.

  • Any chance that there will be a space for individuals that might want to sell one or two items from their homes (garage sell stuff) like you can on Craigs List?

  • @Andrew - please use any blockchain as network for ads. Brave browser has integrated BAT token to split earnings from ads to all participants.

  • I hope this will made available soon. I would hate to have to use the libtards platform to advertise my business...

  • Shill baby, shill. Show em how you are every bit as much as a greedy manipulator as what you complain about. Sell your ever living heart out. Cause that is the America you are concerned about.

  • I love this, give us an alternative and use our money for our cause

  • When can we set up GabPay for ministry donations? Having Toni's PayPal right now. Let us know! [email protected]

  • Excellent! Slowly, but surely!

  • I'm a pro user and would like to see advertising from pro America companies. My feeling is gab will be saving me time by vetting companies for me, it's a win win for everyone! 🇺🇲

  • Thank you. Advertisers need an alternative. Watching to see how to adopt your platforms.

  • Yes you are helping to build the parallel society that I've heard Dr. Steve Turley talk about. Right on! The only way to escape the elite globalist's death grip on our society is to build our own conservative version of everything and stop participating in their globalist establishment.

  • This has so much potential I can't wait. Thanks for creating this.

  • As a digital marketer who launched a small online writing business in June, this is perfectly timed news. My certifications and learning all said you have to advertise on Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. That is if you want to be successful. Understanding the times, I didn't want to give them any $ so instead have been focusing on organic growth. But if there was a place I'd love to support with advertising investment it'd be Gab. Looking forward to how God is going to continue to use this for His people!

  • I am ready for Gab Pay and patiently waiting for the Gab cell phone <3 I plan on supporting those that advertise on Gab and Gab TV.

  • Triple Threat Band Is Interested In This

  • Very Interested in this

  • @a I run Saving Grace Handyman Service, which relies heavily on online advertising to reach customers. This is the only thing that has kept me from deleting my fb account, as 95% of my business has been coming from either my fb business page or adverts. This is the solution that I have been waiting for. As advertising fires up, will there be plans to add pages for folks with businesses? Pages that can be managed from the owners personal GAB accounts, perhaps. As a handyman, my fb page is also my portfolio/website, as is the case for many small business owners. I'm interested in hearing any solutions you may have in the pipes for such issues.

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