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Andrew Torba Responds To Dan Bongino
Aug 13, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



My response to Dan.

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  • He knows he's controlled opposition, probably still goes to their parties. this block head, is not only fake right, he's fake righteousness and fake outrage

  • I never expected this from Bongino , Damn he has a temper lol

  • Who cares what he says. I know I will catch some flack for this, but Bongino seems to be a loud mouth and a he should practice a little humility. I am sure he is a nice enough guy but he seems like he has a really bad temper. I am just saying

  • Wow this was so insightful I never knew that about those two other platforms. Now I understand why the Frontline Doctors have their own website

  • Torba is a real christian folks! Good job man.

  • Excellent response.

  • Bongino is a puppet for Fox News. He started as a "Fox News Contributor" as a former secret service agent usually talking about 2nd Amendment issues and threats on politicians and that type of thing. Then he became an occasional guest on Hannity. Somehow they liked his confrontational screaming attitude, which I find insulting. It's like Mark Levin or as Hannity laughingly calls "the great one" he's another screamer. I'm insulted that they think I would like to be screamed at. Bongino doesn't do his homework and he even went so far as to bow down literally to the top brass at Fox News for giving him his own show which would now pay him enough "so I can now guarantee to put food on the table of my family." He was literally on the verge of open crying but instead just let some tears flow down his cheeks. I was both sickened by and embarrassed for him. I missed the show that he insulted you on but that's because I only watch Tucker Carlson on Fox now. Tucker can be trusted to tell the truth. FULLY. He is completely out of the control of Fox. He's #1 on TV and can say and do as he wants. They know if they ever tried to reign him in AT ALL he would either leave or demand even more than the huge amount they pay him now and still would do what they want. He could work anywhere he wanted and would definitely dump all the dirt he has on Fox on wherever he would go. I thought it hysterical that the book he just wrote, the publisher tried to get him to change some of the content, and not only did Tucker alert him to the contract they had, but they were close friends and when Tucker's book came out the publisher found out the hard way that Tucker had written the forward of his book on how the publisher had turned into an untrustworthy censor and had very little else to say 'good' about the publisher. He claims they are still 'friends' but perhaps not as close as before. You are a man of class and character Andrew. May GOD Bless You And Your Family. 🙏Pray To JESUS. ✝️JESUS IS KING✝️

  • Andrew, below is proof that Rumble's TOS agreement goes well beyond banishment of 'hate speech'. I posted a comment to one of Rudy Giuliani's recent podcasts, saw it added to the other posts, then came back a couple hours later to reread it as I often do for furthering my writing skills. It was gone - taken down! Care to guess why? Is the following hate speech or political opinion?

    "Exemplary job Rudy in laying out the "wherefores" of the action taken by Biden and the Pentagon in the Afghanistan debacle. But what about the "Whys?" No one in fledgling conservative media has asked, even rhetorically, why a president (albeit illegitimate and incompetent) and his top military brass would commit such heinous and treasonous acts.

    On the heels of Biden's pandemic mandates, on top of his deliberate flooding of the country with millions of illegal immigrants and now war zone refugees, the Left's Final Solution is to demoralize and, thereby, destroy the country's military, especially that portion most loyal to Donald Trump - rank and file service members.

    Why else would those who control Biden's executive actions knowingly dispirit active duty personnel and veterans, particularly those who suffer PTSD? Answer: It is unadulterated MAGA revenge and domestic warfare by depraved revolutionaries following the socialist/communist handbook: First demoralize the opposition, next crush and pacify the military, and then disarm the citizenry.

    A Joint Chiefs of Staff that would sanction turning over a strategic airbase and $80 billion in the most advanced war fighting equipment, while abandoning American citizens in a city occupied by an enemy to whom it handed the means to locate and identify those abandoned for certain torture and death, should now be viewed as more than willing at home to go house-to-house and room-to-room to forcibly confiscate the remaining means to defend the very constitutional republic its new masters so revile." Mark Clancey, posted September 5, 2021 to Rumble/Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense podcast

  • bongino is Lizard half-kin. Cuck.

  • Someone is in on my account switching it to web version. May I delete this account and get my pro benefits transferred to a new account?

  • Doesn't Dan have a controlling interest in Parler? The last I knew Parler was junk after they got it back up and running. I think he has sour grapes in his mouth because he can't be part of any platform that is successful.

  • @A IS CORRECT. Canada has no free speech protection and looking at the names of the people who launched Rumble are almost all Slavic. Canada has been known to have former Soviet sleepers and it would not surprise me if there is something not quite right with this.. And Bongino is beyond annoying-even more than Sean Hannity.

  • Bongino better stop punching Right.

  • Andrew, you are a beacon of truth and courage. I have watched Dan Bongino for years now. Not so much because I "like" his videos, more because I don't have time to watch many producers and his videos seem to cover the topics in the news that I am most interested in. I have had some real gripes with him for a long while though. In particular his infuriating coverage of the Israel/Palestine issue where his partisanship was about as clear as you can get. He made zero attempt to cover the true figures of "deaths" while he was busy talking about all the poor Jews who die at the hands of the 'terrorists' (which are only terrorists because they don't have a STATE, because Israel VETOS all attempts at statehood for this very reason). shows the numbers, and if he cared about both sides equally, Palestinian deaths should at least have got a look in, a mention, a tip of the hat, but nothing from Dan on that.

    I heard his rant about you/Gab and it wound me up enough to turn it off. I don't think he is a fraud any more than you, but I do think it's quite clear that if EITHER of you are more interested in profit than values/principles, it is Dan Bongino, long before it is Andrew Torba!

    I have not published anything on Gab TV, I think it's about time I shifted over here and started spending some time on the boards!

    Keep it real. Keep it Gab. THE Free Speech platform.

  • Hang in there, Andrew. You have the high ground. I liked Dan until he showed this side. Sadly, he’s playing into the deep state’s hands of divide and conquer.

    BTW, are you aware of the work of Anna Von Reitz and American States Assembly?

  • Thankyou Gab/Andrew Torba. Really appreciated. The truth will win.

  • Doesn't get any simpler than that. Free speech guaranteed on where we have our own servers on six different continents, with our own private CDN.

  • totally agree with Andrew

  • OK fine,, But Andrew don't use this platform as your special shout out just because you can. I got this from an email, looks like a mass email, and your defending yourself and Gab. I hope your not looking for publicity, Be better to just make an Ad defending Gab, simply by stating something like " Gab away, it's your right to say what's on your American mind. Not at Rumble, (and other's) "

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