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Arizona Parents Rise Up Against Mask Tyranny
Apr 29, 2021

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...


Take back your own backyard and we'll take back our country.

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  • Good job parents!!

  • we down here in AZ, slowly have temperatures back in the 90's plus with low Humidity, as much as i know, there is NO Virus on this World ( unless it is specifically created ) that can survive such high temperatures for a longer period of time, hence there is no need whatsoever to wear a stupid mask, that doesn't do shit in the first place !

  • This is the perfect opportunity for you guys to take your kids out of public schools permanently. You need to build your own schools ran by your own people. I want the public schools closed down, then overthrown by the American people. The public school system is nothing more than government propaganda. I died and went to Heaven when I was six. The schools told me that there was no God. I knew then, at a young age, not to trust the government. Satan works through the government, so run your own schools. It is not difficult for you to raise your own children the proper way. Stop being cowards. The Bible says no coward shall inherit the kingdom of God. American Christians are an embarrassment.

  • There is the New California movement that is trying to start a new state and are going after local counties with affidavits and recalls, they can also use the sheriff. There are other new state movements in Nevada, Illinois and maybe Oregon.

  • Awesome. Start local and work up. The globalists have been quietly infiltrating local positions.

  • This is what we all should be doing - taking a stand!

  • This needs to happen all over this country.

  • I cannot get the video to play

  • Wishful thinking. I'm sure that the school board should be replaced, but an ad hoc election run by an ad hoc group of opponents of the board does no such thing.

  • Nifty logo there at the video start.

  • So happy to see Americans standing up against tyranny

  • yes all our own backyards need to be cleaned up this way thank you thank you!!!

  • Are they still having children in small cages in S.E. Asia?

  • Parents are rising up against children wearing masks. Great!

    Parents should rise up against a mandatory COVID shot for their children. There have been to date 451 deaths among children under 18 from COVID19 in the US since the pandemic began (CDC data, see below).

    Far more children die of influenza each year, poisoning, fires, car accidents.

    The COVID shot is not a vaccine. It is an experimental medical treatment. Nobody is giving sufficient information about the risks to be able to make an informed decisions to get the shot. I will never take it. I'd much rather get COVID19 and be immune. Claims of fading immunity after recovering from COVID19 are unscientific.

    Follow the money.

    Here is a serious discussion of the issues from Israel where Pfizer is testing their "vaccine" en masse.

  • That’s how you get back your country! God bless the parents in this video and god bless all at gab 🙏✝️

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