Aug 11, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...




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  • The New York Times Lies? No way!!

  • The deception is evil, and it cannot be reasoned with. Evil expects the good to reason with it, evil views this as weakness.

  • Gab/you could easy peasy crowd fund a libel suit, I'd donate, most gab people would, it's an attack on all of us. Either they'll try to settle or you'll get discovery in court. Win/win.

  • You should sue them just like Project Veritas did

  • fake news like @a being a "Christian" or any kind of "patriot". More like @a rides on Trump's coattails and fame while lying to MAGA people about the true nature of Gab which is just a den of right-wing and left-wing racists and bigots. Heil, Andrew Torba. Heil, Heil!

  • Project Veritas won against them. I think you should talk to James =)

  • Realistically speaking, the kind of people to listen to these left wing smear merchants aren’t the kind of people who were going to join Gab anyway.

  • When the Left labels something as “misinformation,” that’s the screaming billboard that tells me it’s true.

  • I thoroughly enjoy your “holy boldness.” Thank you for your perseverence in the eye of the storm.

  • Gabpay worked flawlessly for me, thank you

  • This was highly entertaining, thank you! It's never a surprise to me that you're able to get ahead of the stupid Left and call out their dumb tactics before they can even enact them.

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Thanks for all you do, Andrew. We truly are in a spiritual war.

  • They're morons sitting around writing little stories to one another. No one reads their nonsense or trusts them any more. My only worry is that they harass government into passing something they can use against you, because you've done a really good job with Gab.

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