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Catherine Austin Fitts- Planet Lockdown
Feb 13, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Watch and share to understand what the globalist oligarchs are doing. Transhumanism and technocracy. A system of slavery. A system of mind control. Wake up.

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  • Catherine Austin Fitts has her own company "the solari report. " I even took out a 30 day subscription to be able to access everything she has on her site. It's an abundant resource with so much information about what's going on. I had to read her "The state of our currencies: The end of currencies", which is on her site. Search for 2nd quarter wrap up 2019. It's full of financial info and more about what has led us to the point our world/country is at. There's a video entitled "Health, part 1". I recommend everyone watch it. It's long yes but it's experts and more about the great reset and their plans for humanity and the vaccines. They're not what people think they are and they'll keep coming up with more need for further vaccs which will dump more of their controls and harm into your body. No thanks to any of them. Knowledge is the first step for all of us if we want humanity to survive. Please check it out and share.

  • The big issue here is people forget these boom-bust cycles happen every 80 to 140 years. Read "The Great Wave" by David Hackett Fischer and you will see that throughout Western civilization history, going back to the Middle Ages, there were secular cycles of boom and bust. Increasing violence and iniquities are a part of the whole cyclic nature of even pre-capitalist economies. All the conspiracy theories of control and using a Healthcare virus and a meandering web of transhumanism and debt based monies are a confusion tactic meant to appeal to conservative mindsets. Wake up people. There is no global cabal trying to control you, not a centralized one anyway. It is more a gestalt, unable to control its own direction.

  • End of currency is the chip or the mark of the devil.

  • Masonic Democracy is a great tool of divide and conquer to turn everyone against one another.

  • Catherine Austin Fitts is an American investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush. Just the fact that she worked under Bush makes her suspect to me. He's a globalist. We have to be careful, as conservatives. They are creating false narratives which are naively believed. I don't know what is going to happen, all I know is Q, Simon dude - all of them have turned out to be false. I believe the Left didn't leave anything to chance. THey know they can craft any narrative they want. Let's be very careful -- very careful what and who we believe - including those leaders in our own ranks.

  • stop the wold i wanna get off. would it be evil of me to wish for a massive solar event to wipe out most technology? that's how i feel after watching her put all the separate puzzle pieces together that i've read and heard about and thought about.

  • This is news? Are you from the United States? Have you been here the last 40 or 50 years? Who are “they”? Provide names. Every time there’s a republican that’s been elected and when they leave office there’s some sort of economic devastation that this woman describes. So she must be saying Republicans. She mention war on terror whose idea was that? She mentions pandemic. Who didn’t stop it or did that who denied it? Because it appears those that denied the pandemic we’re set to profit from that denial. Because if you can stop it then there’s no way to go through with the things that she’s describing are happening in the economy. Also why would somebody say that the Republican president was responsible for building such a grand economy and then believe this unless you’re part of this manipulation and planning of currencies and wealth. Because who stands to profit? So the wealth in the great economy that was said to have been created by Trump our tech companies like Walmart Microsoft Amazon etc. since they profited from the most or were profiting in the economy the most. Who benefited in 2007 from the mortgage meltdown? Who benefited in 2000 for the stock market meltdown? I just would like to know who they are. My advice don’t put money in the bank don’t get a Social Security number and you won’t have any problems but you will be able to get credit you will be able to engage in commerce and he will be able to get Social Security. This is nothing new what she’s talking about this has been going on for the 60 years I’ve been on this planet

  • The problem with bitcoin is that is offers no degree of control from the central banks.

    And that's exactly why it works in concept, but not in practice. Do you think they will usher in a currency system that disallows their hand of control? Bottom line is this: bitcoin is a test.

  • Please how can I download this video ??

  • "Stay-Tuned" - IMHO we haven't begun to see the worst of humanity's evil, dark side.

  • I knew of grt reset but no idea re all this. So grateful for this. We need to tell everyone to watch, read her book, share all. Save humanity.

  • The world will not believe it even if you sing it like a song rather they morons will call her a conspiracy theorist. Thanks for shining the light on evil 😈 plans by the Biden, Pelosi government

  • Glad I joined Gab. Big fan of Catherine Austin Fitts & now also if you, Sir. GOD Bless

  • I've heard all of this before, but never in such a well organized way. Great presentation.

  • David Icke has been saying this for years now!

  • Except they won't say 46:40 no sex. Because those men have extremely important assets up their... and that is the real commodity for all living. The question then would be where in your body do you choose to keep that commodity. In heart and face war. Or in there and rule (but only while you're here).

  • Possibly don't forget to factor the happiness, which is no less important asset people compete for. Mr Global needs livestock so they can generate God's energy, grace. Yet he himself is further and further pushed from it because it's the nature of good and evil.

  • 34:57 - 35:07 We know how the system works. The big secret they try to "hide" is that Mr Global is reactive to the body of Church, or the God, not vice versa. It is behind and not the people (at least those with Christ).

  • Interesting. Certainly parallels a lot of my theorising in terms of the overall structure and the elements involved.

    Instead of "Mr Global", I call it what it is, which is the supranational plutocracy. This is (of course) a hierarchy, at the top of which is a governing council.

    I don't know what, if anything, is above this council, but that's where the orders come from. That's where the plans are formed and the implementation orchestrated. That's the entity in true control of our governments.

    Representative government and democratic processes are largely political theatre. That's why politicians ignore the will of the people so often and instead follow a coordinated global agenda. This is why they lie to us so much too.

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