Dec 23, 2020

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Gab CEO Andrew Torba highlights the huge new update to Gab Social, the launch of GabTV, and reviews Gab's progress over the past year.

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  • Great job Andrew! My daughter's birthday is the same as yours. Still learning to navigate Gab. Can't find shortcuts or DM's at the moment. Does that have to do with updates you are doing on the site?

  • Thank you this is super helpful.

  • @a had no idea it was about to explode.

  • A man page would not be amiss. ;)

    How to get the video to play?

  • Good night Andrew. My suggestion is to make GAB easier for the Portuguese language, so it will make GAB much more attractive for Brazilians. Sorry my English, I'm using the Google translator.

  • Awesome stuff sir. Just throwing an idea/suggestion out there that maybe the Gab dev team can make an explorative work task out of if you find it interesting.

    Regarding streaming, bandwidth can be expensive if you rely on any CDN (Content Delivery Network). Have a look at the Theta Network which now has streaming on their blockchain utilizing user's upload bandwidth instead of CDN's which makes data streaming much cheaper, more resilient to attacks and potentially more censorship resistant.

    It could be worth exploring if you want to either incorporate this technology or use it as an inspiration for creating an own Gab flavour. Just an idea. Thanks. :)

  • Happy birthday and Merry Christmas mate. Gab.TV is fantastic.

  • thank YOU !

  • You've accomplished in 3 decades what most will never achieve in a lifetime.

  • Dude you're only 30?! My dude you are fucking crushing it!

  • Happy Birthday & Merry Xmas!!! I really like your green ballcap, where can I buy them?🤔

  • Lovin it dude, stoked on gab

  • Need to be able to resize columns in the GabDeck, please.

  • Andrew when I use the arrow keys to edit my comments in the comment box when the video is playing, it controls the video as well. Not sure how you fix this but it might have to do with passing ownership to the comment box? Gab rules!

  • Fake Christians still use the name of Christ to export war, murder and Western whore values that they euphemistically refer to as "family".

  • Ban of all third party clients.

    That's really low. How can you complain about being banned from Apple and Google in one breath, then lock down API access for legitimate clients in the other? It's the same thing

    It doesn't slow down anything, in fact, every one of them is more efficient than the Gab's official webapp, and provided functions (like live push notifications) that still haven't been fixed by your team.

  • Happy Birthday Andrew and Merry Christmas. Thank you for this platform, I gripe about how it works or don't work sometimes, I know it is growing pains but it is the best platform out there so thanks again.

  • Happy birthday, and thanks for these new improvements to Gab!

  • Well done sir! Made in the USA!

  • Happy early birthday!!!!🎂🎁

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