Facebook Shadow BOOSTS Ben Shapiro, Why?
Jun 15, 2021

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...


Gab CEO Andrew Torba talks about why Facebook is artificially inflating Ben Shapiro and why he is never censored by Big Tech.

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  • The guy looks robotic?

  • Ben Shapiro is a smelly rat. I never trusted the cuck

  • God Bless Torba, Fuentes and E Michael Jones

  • Wow and I really like Ben Shapiros Material

  • As long as they make the people believe they have a dog in this race the people will sit back and relax.. Imagine all of the European peoples of this world all woke up realizing that ALL our "leaders" are puppets... Better yet.. imagine what the people would think if they found out that under all those layers of lies they buried Hitler with.. that the last layer revealed he was really controlled opposition. Minds will be blown because the people will realize how convincing and persuasive their puppets really are. I love to use AH as an example because many Whites think he's a hero.... its like why? Because of mere words he said? Because he exposed the establishment? A politician's weapon is his/her words. They will ALWAYS tell you what you want and expect to hear and that's where these parasites get their power.. from gullible desperate people who are in despair. If they can get people to love A.H. and Trump.. they can get the people to follow whoever they want us to follow.. They can promote Ronald McDonald for POTUS.. Ronald can talk about White genocide, the Holodomor, holohoax and the European Nations (Israelites) will eat it up and follow Ronald McDonald into WW3. Meanwhile the rest of us will try to smack sense into our fellow patriots who are being manipulated once again by telling them "HES JUST A CLOWN!!" and that he's controlled opposition and our own family will ignore us and even classify us as uneducated nut jobs. Now what we need to do as a people is rise up together and no longer recognize these "leaders" as our government. Whatever reactions we get to this knowledge that everyone is a puppet will be the right reaction. The Father Yahweh will guide us.. He always does just as He is doing now. We are His battle axe His weapons of war. The only thing that is going to save Europe and America is US, and not some actor wearing a suit down D.C.. or inside the Talmud Vision(T.V.)

  • are ben and zuck best buds..?

  • they belong to the club ... the money club.. the fame club.. the power club.. and they believe they are righteous and making a difference. the club allows them to be a little to the right... just so they can say they have a toe in the water..

    there is soooooooooo much bullshit coming from humans... one can hardly know who to believe any more.. which is why I only believe in Christ and his truth.. because he makes that road certain.

    humans have secret agendas ' unless they answer to the Lord.. because they know the Lord sees everything about them.. so there is no use trying to fudge.

    make sure you are pesonally right with the Lord.. and then just sit back and watch it all play out.. I mean.. pray while you are eating your popcorn... for prayer pisses satan off.. and messes with his thing here on earth.. and what better thing could you be doing on any given day.

    and Lord.. I call down your vengeance on anyone that is working against Gab...


  • Suckerburg -Jewish, Shapiro - Jewish, nothing to see here

  • Never trusted Shapiro

  • Why? Because he worships his own Jewishness and Israel.

  • because he has that tiny little shit hat on the back of his dome.

  • Maybe, but I think Shapiro also dovetails criticism evading Facebook's algorithms . Tim Pool and Crowder know the problems as well.

  • You're absolutely WRONG with this one.

  • Vaccines and "endless wars" are a middle-of-the-road issue. It's not conservative/liberal.

  • Ben Shapiro will absolutely debate anyone..... he even prioritizes debates with people he disagrees with. So you're wrong again.

  • Ben Shapiro is so good that he defeats Big Tech's shadow banning. Like Steven Crowder. The top charts on FB is not evidence (in and of itself) of anything. In fact, Shapiro is censored all the time.

  • Ben Shapiro is NOT establishment.

  • I think you hit a very good and revealing point. Before I heard you point out Ben, a man named Mark Dice has been pointing him out too in the same light. Now, I have been watching and following Ben for a bit now, I have not noticed what you and Mark has been saying until now. I'm still on the fence about it, but I am keeping my eye out. Him being a possible "establishment conservative" is alarming. I have noticed on FB that I always see his advertisements, but no other advertisements from "conservative speakers". So a red flag has risen in that sense. I am also worried because Candace Owens joined the daily wire some months ago, even moved to their headquarters to work with them and I don't want her to be or start to be an "establishment conservative". for speaking on this. I believe Mark Dice also mentioned that Ben had a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg a few back. Which is enemy territory, so what was the purpose behind them meeting? What would they have to talk about? Now this opens up other questions on Ben and the entire Daily Wire crew. Also, for some reasons, I have been considering subscribing to DW's website, but I haven't been able to bring myself to it....Hmmmm....

  • I saw something way back calling Ben Shapiro a Hollywood Youtube creation. I'll never consider abortion anything else but murder, and I'm libertarian.

  • Being one of them, he is no different. The fact that conservatives trusted him makes me disgusted.

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