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Gab TV Monetization Plan For Creators
Jun 04, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Gab CEO Andrew Torba discusses our plans to help Gab TV creators monetize their channel.

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  • What exactly would qualify as "high quality content? I'm trying to start out YouTube, but dislike them and Google... Though being able to monetize would be amazing... Not pro yet, but want to be...

  • Friendly suggestion: I've spent about an hour of duckduckgo searching trying to find out how to sign up with "gab pay", only to discover there are 3 layers of confusion to peel back:

    1. "Gab Pay" does not have a DNS web presence. People can't link to it.
    2. One must go through "Gab PRO" to access "Gab Pay.
    3. Gab Pay is not current working.

    Please stomp on The Author of Confusion by doing the following:

    1. Make go to a web page that is considered the official Gab Pay web presence.
    2. On that page, inform people that to sign up for Gab Pay one must first register with Gab PRO.
    3. Also on that page, and on Gab PRO notify people that Gab Pay is not yet operational due to regulatory hurdles currently being surmounted.
    4. If someone is on their account and enters anything remotely like "gab pay", make the top result be
  • As someone who works on Facebook ads on a daily basis with small businesses and larger players ($10K a month budgets), I can tell you right now that following YouTube’s ad model for Gab TV will be a horrible idea.

    YouTube ads are notorious for having extremely low CTR and even lower CTA’s. This is why Google hides these metrics when you create an account and have to go digging for it. They want to bamboozle noobies with “impressions” and “views”.

    The reasons is because these ads interrupt the content viewing experience and do not enhance it. Facebook on the other hand integrates ads into the content experience but they use HUGE trackers to do this, some thing Gab does not use or do (Facebook is phenomenal for small businesses, I have been able to reach 34x ROAS with small businesses using FB ads).

    YouTube ads would only account for 5% of a LARGE businesses total ad spend and would only use it for "brand awareness" which is fine if you have a large and recognised brand.

    Your ad server can also be easily blocked through DNS sinkholes:

    I would recommend keeping Gab TV a paid service where people can pay to upload / get their videos on the “Watch next” screen of ended videos or on the front page of Gab TV etc.

    Businesses on Gab TV should be paying for placement that integrates seamlessly and invisibly in the viewers experience. This is also a + / USP to viewers coming off YT: "Gab TV has no annoying ads"

    No intrusive “ads” apart from the content people can pay to put in front of people that brings them real value.

    All content is an ad in one way or another.

    ~Zo @TheoNerds

  • Excited to start posting on Gab TV! I have one of the most watched outdoor channels on the internet (over 200 million views) and am excited to throw my weight behind Gab TV!

  • Great! Am very interested in gab marketplace to offer our beyond organic seeds. ❤️🌱

    Looking for the gab phone link. And would you consider gab email? Thanks.

  • My modem is a cable company.

  • One of the big things that holds me back is that I don't feel like we belong. Almost all of the content on gabTV is news/political. And most of it is low quality content, despite being made by Pro members. I've found nothing actually fun to watch on gabTV yet. This means there's no audience for our content and it makes it discouragement to commit to posting good content. Also, we mostly do DIY, How To, and maybe some homesteading related videos, but there are no categories for that. There are multiple categories for news, but no category for DIY/How To? That's odd. I hope this feedback helps.

  • i second @ProfessorRomendev, although I don't have pro yet I want to get it in the future, and when I do I still want to see those ads

    this is content/products/services that gab users feel so confident about that they're willing to pay to advertise it, possibly some of the best content on gab will be posted on those ads, some companies advertise through memes, some people advertise themselves by putting out the best content they've ever made, some will showcase how good their services are

    and I don't wanna miss it at all

  • Thanks for the updates, Andrew! May God continue to bless your plans and prosper it!!

  • It's great to see you guys putting all of this time into making GabTV better. Thank you!

  • Hopefully GabPay will let me link my bank account soon, maybe once all the kinks are sorted out.

    But hey, I’m a pro user. Will there be a way to turn on advertisements? The people willing to advertise here are tge exact people I want to patronize

  • I genuinely want to thank you for everything that you are doing, you guys are amazing.

  • This is a really ambitious program you've got going! I hope it all goes according to plan!

  • A Gab TV set top box would be awesome. Also see if you can carry some others like InfoWars. The more "good" channels you offer the better it will replace other set top boxes. And carrying InfoWars will help Alex promote it.

  • this is excellent! thanks for all your hard work!

  • I'm enthusiastic about this. I don't know if you've seen but there are many international members that are begging for GabPay to be extended to them.

  • First time in my life that I'm pumped to see ads. I look forward to supporting like minded people.

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