Aug 10, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



A Gab user speaks the Truth at a school board meeting.

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  • The public school system sucks. Homeschool will keep growing.

  • All that was missing was a long intense, unblinking stare into each of those walking perversions eyes, until they turned away before the righteous truth. Amen

  • Amen! ✝✝✝💗

  • Amen

  • They didn't hear a word.

  • This guy doesn't seem to be a bad person on some level. But he illustrates perfectly what is so wrong about Christianity. He claims to KNOW what God wants. He implores God to rain judgement down upon people who disagree with him. I am sick of self-righteous Christian bigots.

  • I pray that it worked! He was great!

  • Enough is enough of this bullshit!

  • Timeless and if they do not change their perverse ways ... they need to fall.

  • Bless you brother. That was as perfect as it gets. I loved the "it's not your truth or my truth, but God's truth!" It's real. I bet there isn't one believer in the group.

  • Awesome! Thank you brother!

  • Amen

  • Which gab user?

  • Would love to see more Believers standing up to the tyrants in the system and school boards. I applaud this man's message to that school board. I hope it sinks in.

  • Yes!! Parents take back your schools

  • God bless you🙏Needs to be said and done at every school board🙏🙏

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