George Bush Partners With Mark Zuckerberg
May 03, 2021

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...


The Uniparty Elites partner with the Big Tech Oligarchs, surprising nobody.

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  • You are also a Misogyny - you need to add that to your profile!

  • Not surprised at all. George Bush is a globalist as was his father and every other President we have had for years. Thats why they hated Donald Trump because he was against their globalist agenda.

  • Yes. It’s time to fight back Christians I have been kicked of LinkedIn 4 times. My voice has been deleted from those who are lost and ignorant of what is going on. I am going on my fourth email and I’ll jump right back on. Jesus wins and if your on His side- you win too.

  • But here's the thing: It doesn't MATTER whether a given person is a dem or a republican. It never has. They both are working for an agenda that is hidden in plain sight and has absolutely nothing to do with what political party they profess to be.

    The sooner we realize this, the sooner it can be stopped.

    They don't work for us - they never have. They don't care about us, they never have. They work only for one goal and that goal has NOTHING to do with us - alive or dead (and they prefer dead - make NO mistake about that.).

  • Bush’s are done fouling the Patriots! MAGA💯🇺🇸

  • A book that details people like George W. Bush (a Judas Goat). He knows exactly what he and his family have been doing for generations... "The Judas Goat: The Enemy Within"

  • The Bush Dynasty really put egg on the faces of the Boomer conservatives who voted for them -- which was virtually all of them.

  • Great vid. Can I embed it on WordPress? The default embed code doesn't work.

  • George Bush will do anything to sell his new book. He was one of my favorites until he started siding with the left. I have to think Jeb Bush has a lot to do with it. I get it...FamilyLivesMatter

  • When and how will we stop the destruction of America? Leftists have gamed the electoral process so that leave blood in the street as our only means. Such a depressing thought, but we have to realize the situation we are in.

  • I've searched for 2 decades now what Bush Jr meant when he said, "I'm going to do something that cannot be undone." At that time, 2001, there were a lot of issues going on. ANYONE GOT AN IDEA?

  • GWB you're a piece of @#$%!!!

  • Never liked that sommofbitch…RINO.

  • Another RINO traitor, he most likely also voted for biden...ugh!

  • GWB has always been an open borders bleeding heart advocate. That was the greatest stain on his Presidency; trying to pass a massive amnesty. Illegal immigration poses a HUGE threat and the numbers are the worst they've been in two decades. I propose a moratorium on all immigration for 5 years for the system to catch up.

  • How is this no real surprise.

  • I heard the Hugh Hewitt interview. Hugh Hewitt is a complicitous swamp merchant too.

  • I voted for Bush with great expectations, he let me, no, he let all of us, down. In my opinion "W" now stands for the Whack job he truly is!

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