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How Pornography Destroys Your Mind
Jan 02, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Pornography is one of the greatest, but at the same time most overlooked, problems of the modern world. This video analyzes the history of pornography's legalization, the industry that currently surrounds and produces porn, the effects of porn on the human brain and behavior, and what can be done to fix the porn problem at both an individual and societal level. This is how Pornography Destroys Your Mind. The term 'porn use' and masturbation to porn are synonymous in the modern lexicon, and are used as such in this video. Source of video:

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  • Fantastic resource, look forward to referencing this many times in the future!

  • Really good video here man. Really shows the damage that porn can do. Now I don't think Porn should be banned completely but there needs to be serious regulation on it just like alcohol. I think it's sad that children can get a hold of porn so easy now & that nearly anyone can upload it to anywhere without having to properly prove identification or consent. Just like you said in a article they need to pass a law forcing all porn websites to have proper KYC policies enforced.

    Web browsers should also have easy to use built in parental locks & so should phones & these features need to be advertised heavily. Apple iOS/iPadOS devices sadly are the only devices with properly built in parental controls that are easy to use for parents & guardians. That why I switch to an iPhone cause I was having a major porn problems & I couldn't find a way to stop myself cause my phone had no built in content control, so I got an iPhone & iPod Touch & had my Dad setup website blocks for me. It sad though the way Apple is going with censorship & attacks on Free Speech cause it leaves me with little options.

    I think what you could do to help combat this problem is develop built-in parental blocks similar to what Apple has on iOS but for Dissenter & other upcoming projects(like the Gab phone, & GabTV) as a feature that parents can use to keep their kids from looking at pornographic or mature content.

    Also another thing to note is PornHub is absolutely fucking evil. After reading the NYTimes article on it, I've decided I will never visit that site again under any circumstances. Even some professional porn stars in the article sad they hated PornHub for the shit they did(Not supporting porn stars at all). Even if I do feel tempted to mess up, I'd rather visit a Hentai/comics page than ever stepping onto that fucking excuse of a platform that helps with human trafficking & rape. They need to be in fucking jail.

    But anyway just giving my opinion. Great video man!!! Loving this platform so far!!!

  • This video was made by @paxchristus0 on Twitter btw

  • andrew torba has a funny sounding voice

  • Great video, worth sharing !

  • Pornography is an epidemic, a scourage upon mankind. A real pandemic.

  • You must also look at the spiritual aspect of porn. PornHub exists because demons exist. The ejaculation of a male, releases enormous amounts of spiritual energy, while when directed during the act of procreation, this energy brings in angelic loving energy, when directed to images, the energy is still there, but because it is not directed towards love, it flows out and is consumed by demons. These demons gain power over the subconscious thoughts of the individual, and constantly entice the individual to repeat the act. The agents of porn understand the spiritual world as well as any enlightened prophet or sage, it is dark majic. It took me years to understand, how these demons affected my life, the change from abstaining, 2 years now, is amazing.

  • Cool video, they should make it a documentary and show it in classrooms and PTA meetings.

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