"I Want America To Be Put First, That's All"
May 27, 2021

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...


A powerful America First message from Nick Fuentes.

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  • How can Fuentes be a White Nationalist, when his DNA test shows he is part Nigger?

  • Holy shit that was good

  • Join the White Protection League on GAB! America first!

  • Makes sense to me

  • I don't understand why everyone is getting upset about Americans wanting to put America first. I get helping others, but one takes care of their own house and feeds their own children first. We need to focus on her own problems oh, Lord knows we have enough of them!🇺🇲

  • Now I see why people say you hate Jews, this young man is a well known 'groyper' which is an anti-Jewish 'boy groper' group of Catholics.

    Now I see the reason people aren't interested in this website.

  • Perfect!! Im glad I took the time to listen to you. We need more sanity and ty for your platform! I will never forget you taking us all in when we had no where to go. ❤️🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🥇

  • I’m a conservative Christian who voted for President Trump twice. I fly the United States flag daily. I despise the stolen election, the criminal Bolsheviks in the White House and Congress, the racist re-writing of American history, anti-American organizations recognized and financially supported by the White House and Democrat Party in Congress, the cancel culture, Big Tech, etc. But the hatred spewed by Nick Fuentes while waiving the American flag is vile and he is neither Christian nor American. I’m leaving gab so as not to be assocaited with such a gab sponsored personage as Nick Fuentes.

  • Oh, this is such a huge AMEN!

    Why is it okay to blaspheme the Creator Himself, but question the holocaust? BEYOND THE PALE!!

    Give me a break. We live in a bizarro world.

  • You are making a mistake criticizing the will see on that day- when it will be revealed. I tried to post this on Torba's page..could not figure it out- although I have posted there before. Your well informed- and well spoken, litany of complaints, are irrelevant. Andrew Torba..I have heard you complaining about Israel as well. This same criticism,is for you as well. Dare say few can out talk you..which is irrelevant to this issue. You will see. You have the knowledge to understand. There was a very well thought out explanation in the comments- in this sentiment which spurred me on to respond in this vein..before I signed in..which then became inaccessible..little good that does. Whatever the Israeli people due that displeases God- will be dealt with by Him..those issues being between Him, and the nation of Israel..His people. You will do well to Stay. Out. Of. It.

  • Listen to LegalMan LegalMan @ USLawReview on twister. He's on patreon as The Quash. He TELLS IT LIKE IT IS. He's got over 100 audios about the so-called "Constitutional conservatives" who are FULL OF SHYTE and leading everyone down the garden path.

  • The jews work for nothing. They come in at the end when civilisation has already been built and work to destroy it from the inside just like they did in south africa.

  • I still have to watch the whole Great Debate between him and Barnes. I will say that I do not understand why Israel is incapable of paying for their own defense. I do not want Muslims taking over Israel, on the other hand I have heard that Israel is hostile to Christians too. Ideally Israel would become converted to a Christian nation

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