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Introducing GabTV
Dec 21, 2020

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Gab CEO Andrew Torba introduces GabTV.

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  • Where do you hide the delete button,,for episodes i dont want on my channel

  • Livestreaming is very popular. Hopefully people have approached you to explain the importance of it. That's all I do is watch my favorite livestreamers when they come spend an hour or 24 straight hour marathon. I donate to them. It's actually a vary large industry. But the platform owners have all cracked down and gouge streamers 30-50% of their received donations. Even the communist Chinese guy that owns Dlive has been banning streamers for political talk this week. Dlive is going to collapse based on the bans and also their fake crypto scams. Another flood of people will be looking for a home. Please consider.

  • Does "Share to Gab" checkbox really work? Can't seem to find any that I have shared in my Gab Social profile. Thanks!

  • Hail Andrew Torba, a true son of Skyrim.

  • Would it be possible to add a screen casting feature so we can shoot your amazing videos to our tv's? Andrew you are such a inspiration. When I first saw you on Infowars I immediately made a account. The fact that Alex props up Prlr is disgusting. Gab was the FIRST to defy big tech censorship & is the only platform I use it recommend to anyone. Bless you & Happy YULE!

  • nice lets see where this gose

  • Well done Team Gab!

    I think you should also make at least one more post on YouTube mentioning this and the other updates. I know probably 99% of the people who watched Gab Radio are already here but there might be newbies who stumble across it or even just irregular Gab users.

    Something else that deserves to be more widely known is that Gab urls are public, so no account required. That's not the case for ahem Parler.

  • It's awesome, youtube is about to get a run for its money.

  • Mr. Torba - Your platform is impeccable! - Superfast, convenient & flawless. T H A N K - Y O U \m/ ô¿ô \m/

  • Is there a set of rules somewhere as to what can and cannot be uploaded to Gab TV?

  • So happy GabTV is back! Love it!. IPOT is here!

  • Gday , Thanks for Gab TV I noticed this week (Week 4 Dec 2020) , that PM messaging system finally works with LibreWolf Browser

    • Side note: Youtube-dl doesnt work with Gab TV as of 24/Dec/2020

    AT/GABTV - Do you have an offical post about Gab TV on a blog/gab ?

    I only happen to discover GABTV , 2 days after it was launched , as somone mentioned it on Bitchute

    Interesting move that Gab TV video uploading only available to Gab "pro" ( )

    Regards, Charliebrownau

  • Thank you! I am a big supporter of free speech and as you are the most reviled platform by media, I know you pose the greatest threat, thus I want to support you.

    Biggest problem now is how to pay for it. Bitcoin is not easy but I will get it working when I have time.

    Here in Sweden you must identify with ID to buy bitcoin via official exchanges and TOS says they can relieve me of my bitcoin were I to use them for things not "approved" or any other crime against socialism.

  • Great Start!

  • This is great, Andrew. I may have to start making videos.

  • Looking good! Well done all concerned.

  • Bye YouTube, Premium sub will be moved to Gab.

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