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Joe Rogan Goes on Gab Live
Dec 12, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Joe Rogan explores Gab live on the show

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  • Jamie: "So it's curated by somebody" Unless that's beyond the average for Gab, wonder how any of the other sites incl. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit do it? Why not point it out then?

  • Well, read my CHannel joe

  • Perhaps a Thesaurus might help, but maybe they think foul language is the way to go. So 80's, 90's and always used by limited vocabulary people. I remember in Orwell's book, 1984, one of the protagonists had a job wherein he was removing words from the dictionary and making it illegal to use in conversation. Prescient me thinks!

  • another proof that Joe “leftist“ Rogan doesn't know a shit 💩 !!

  • He or Jamie definitely has a gab account did you notice how it was on dark mode......

  • The problem with people like Joe Rogan is they are too entrenched in what they claim to be opposed to and rather than actually taking the time to find out if what they are reading is true, they just carry on complaining as they repeat the same crap expecting a different outcome. But the very idea that they have to talk about looking a an alternative platform means that they are clearly not thinking straight. I learned about Gab from @Styx666Official, he is a Libertarian (something Joe Rogan claims to be) he is NOT a Christian, would definitely not agree philosophically with @a on so many social and economic issues, and while he may not be as big and wealthy as Rogan, he knew to diversify his reach across ALL platforms and actively encourages his followers on big tech to join "new tech" platforms.

    But I guess I know and understand that Joe Rogan's ill-informed mindset comes from the very thing I have said about Gab as far as the Trump things goes. The MSM and Big Tech colluding together have done such a number on Gab's reputation from the outset that all anyone one thinks is "join Gab and talk to Nazis" even if that is not true. It is reasonable that your average Karen (male or female) would just hear that and believe it, because the last thing they do is do their own research or buck a trend the think they see. They will jump off a cliff because they see other people jumping of the cliff despite even their own family member telling them it is a cliff and is not safe to jump off.

    Of course the propaganda of the 1950s and 1960s Operation Paperclip, Operation Mockingbird and so on have successfully created multiple generations of people who seem to think Nazis are right wing when the reality of historical documentation was that Nazis and Fascists were all Marxist Socialists and distinct from Communists though they both have the same Marxist ideology. The Liberal paragons of today, the BBC, NYT, etc all praise Hitler's "progressive" ideas dismissed his repeated spoken and written hatred for the "Jews" (whatever that means since even the people today talking about "Evil Jews" don't make any logical sense as far as the group they are referring to and don't know the full history of why "Jews" became financiers) as hyperbolic and meaningless rhetoric until they saw the public outrage at the concentration camps. It's funny how history has been rewritten to paint the party of the KKK, Eugenics, and Hitler's mentors, as the "liberals" fighting for "democracy" and "equality".

  • STOP calling it far right!!! Call it fucking TRUTH

  • Blaire can fuck off, he is A MAN!!!!!!!!! stop uplifting this deceitful piece of shit. he is not an ally. another grifter.

  • There is nothing Joe Rogan saw on Gab that he can say is abhorrent. Too bad he is not on Gab.

  • If Joe hasn't checked out Gab before now, he shouldn't have said shit until he did. You're showing your ass there Joe. Still not quite 'awakened' yet I see. Keep looking.

  • Rogan is a Jew Shill.

  • "Join Gab and talk to NAZI's. Joe Rogan is a NAZI. Normal people who believe in free speech are NAZI's according to this pathetic fool.

  • So did Rogan create an account or what? It's just user a site that's user funded and user maintained. But hey, who the hell is Joe Regan anyway? I don't even know.

  • Labeling a site left, right, woke or nazi is just business. If you are Twitter, Facebook or YouTube and you are feeling competition from a new platform, you try to shoot it down by labeling it extremist. Everyone has access, so all you need to do is post some hateful content that most thoughtful people would find offensive. Then, they can point to it and say, "see, they're extremists!"

  • Well are welcome here.....We are a huge tent as long as you don't openly promote SATAN...we're Cool

  • It's funny in the comments here talking about "that gal" - not a gal :-)

  • No platform can be good enough it seems...

  • Gab is a great platform, good place for Christians and right thinking people to set up their business...

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