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Keep Your Kids Away From Facebook
May 13, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



44 State AGs called on Facebook to stop the launch of Instagram for Kids, and for good reason.

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  • Stop it because that’s how they will find kids to traffic or abuse

  • Thank you for keeping us informed with the truth Andrew! 🇺🇸❤️🐸

  • Reddit actually has a SJW subreddit called r/againsthatesubreddits that gets away with posting CP on right-leaning subreddits to get them banned. Except instead of getting rid of hateful subreddits they just get rid of whatever they consider hateful whether they are actually hateful or not. This is a whistleblower: The admins know about this and don't do anything because guess who does their dirty work?

  • The lefty grubs feel so powerful in the comments section on Facebook pages because they know they won't be banned, but the grubs did report me. It's great to take them on in GAB comments because you can feel their whimpering when they derive no satisfaction from me and are unable to report me. But just imagine that type of coercion, intimidation and control being imposed on children by Facebook; kids being banned for expressing a view and other kids not being banned because they support the Facebook doctrine. Children will be seriously harmed physically,mentally and 100% spiritually!

  • Anyone with a brain already knows what, Facebook is, I'm just glad they kept banning me, it was the kick in the arse I needed to stop going back finally, now they relentlessly send pics of pretty girls to my email acc trying to get me to come back, although I don't know why they think that would work, most young girls are brainless at the best of times and those that actually think of more than just make up and showing their tits & legs off whilst pretending it's all about them doing it for feminism or some other inane rubbish, the day I see building sites, road crews, oil rigs, deep sea fishing boats etc, etc, etc filled with these so called equality seekers is the same day I'll believe women want actual equality and not just all the choice in the world 'NOT' to do these jobs men have no choice but to do 'OR THEY SIMPLY WON' T GET FUK'N DONE', most certainly not by women that's for damn skippy as they've had decades now and all they done 'en maase' is 'chosen' not to stick on steel toe cap boots & hard hats, I mean fuk me but colour me stunned eh, it's not like I didn't say they wouldn't do these, jobs either just due to both not being physically able to and more so NOT FUKKING WANTING TO DO THEM and as usual it's us men who'll keep building the shops, houses roads etc, etc, etc that women love so much or they again' 'just simply won't get fukking built'.

  • I will not even let my cat go near Face Book much less children.

  • I think big tech is sabotaging your page. I have no problem running video except when I play yours. Very log buffer times for some strange reason.

  • Videos of Gab TV don't play on PS4 browser. Any solutions?

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