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Mitt Romney Berated By Patriot At Airport
Jan 06, 2021

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...


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  • Excellent.

  • No human should treat another this way. This is an embarrassment to any patriot cause.


  • he is absolutely clueless to his own motivations.. lol the guy is a doofus.. and even doofus get air time...

  • Couldnt have happened to a nicer fellow.

  • That was too much. She was following him like Antifa or Black Lives Matter does to people. If you want to have effective point you should quote The Book of Mormon. It warns about secret groups which get ahold of government. That is a good description of the deep state. When Trump won in 2106 all hell broke loose, literally. Mitt is letting those things get above us by not standing with Trump.

  • As Q has said, "One day they won't be able to walk down the street".

  • Remove traitor Mittens Romney!

  • He has to run away because the truth hurts too much!

  • Assassinate Romney!!!

  • Girl's got balls.

  • And to think I voted for this guy in the 2012 election! Romney must be primaried come 2024!

  • This Patriot did a wonderful job with Mitt !!!

  • FACT: Transrepublican Traitor Mitt is in bed with Soros and their election rigging machines. They've been at it for years and liberals (baby communists) would rarely ever win an election at any level of government if they couldn't cheat. Cheating is how they typically "win".

  • You can’t corner a snake.

  • This is wonderful to see. If ever a politician was in the wrong party this is it.

  • Where would you be if the snake on the pole only mattered to you Americans? I think that's what bothers Mitt. In Sweden this video shows how ugly the Republican party has become under president Trump. Conservatives are going left here because of this. They want nothing to do with a party acting like a giant red star that soon will collapse into a small dwarf.

    I wonder how trust, the dollar, and US debt are connected... But I really don't want to find out. Somehow I'm connected too, and it's both ways. We get more news about US politics than Swedish. If something Swedish gets media attention in the USA, then it gets attention here. Do you know the mirror neurons in the brain? We invented them some 250 years ago. Now we are cashing in on the remix - external mirror neurons. That's the actual story behind people leaving the old country that once made Chicago the city with second or third most Swedes after Stockholm. Our government is discussing about activating this zombie patriot gene to put things right. Did you read about it? If you wake up one morning with just one extra language, it's not that pentecostal thing you dreamed about. So don't blame it on your voting company too.

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