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MTG: We win when we put America First and Globalism Last
Mar 17, 2022

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



MTG's Full Address On The War In Ukraine And The Need For Washington To Focus On The Interests Of The American People

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  • We have millions coming in to Our Country, That will take Jobs,homes, all for free. While our Children won't be able to work or buy ! They will get a free ride on those of us still working and paying taxes. When I worked at a large company,these same people would show me the check stubs. Where I was paying thousands in a year they paid " 0 " Tax. This is what we allow to happen.

  • actually, sanctions are AVERY effective if you know how to implement them. Trump knows how

  • Honestly, MTG 2024. I haven't heard anybody else who's considering a run show a spine like this yet. I was a big doubter. But she's won me over. Between her recent speeches and this stand on Zelenskyy and his many cousins in our government, I'm in total support of MTG being our girl.

    Obviously, Putin is not evil. But I'm giving her a pass because she's gotta maneuver around Zelenskyy's other cousins in the media.

  • Our borders are being invaded daily and we should protect Ukraine's borders.

  • The end game for US if we enter this war

  • MTG Is right again and thank God America still has someone like her to keep us all on the right track. I posted a new video on gab TV check it out. America there has been no greater time than now to consider our relationship with Christ than right now.

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  • No nato in Europe

  • America First..!! America is NOT a Muslim nation as Obama suggests.. "Stay-Tuned" GAB rocks..

  • This woman is another talking head.

  • This is NOT about our Gov placing other countries before the USA. This is about our currently tyrannical Democrat regime creating events which gain them more power and money at the suffering and demise of the common worker. There is now 100% proof that the Democrats in your Congress lied about WMD's in Iraq in order to go to war after investing in oil stocks. Knowing that oil stocks always skyrocket when war breaks out, The Democrats invested in Big Pharma Monsanto Pesticide then forced that pesticide into our farmland soil which permanently destroyed and poisoning all USA farmland soil for ever and million of Americans died and will continues to die as our lives are shortened by pesticide soaked food and meat, Europe will not allow Monsanto in, but the bribe seeking Democrat Politicians made laws that forced USA farmers to allow Monsanto to kill our planting soil. Democrats did it again by investing in Big Pharma Pfizer, and then immediately forcing laws that fired anyone who refused to take the blood-clot injection causing miRNA Experiment. Many died by forcing this failed mRNA experiment on millions of deceived common people, Democrats again made millions on their mRNA stock investments. Now the Democrats while fully invested in oil stocks downed our Alaskan Pipeline and then bated Russia into attacking Ukraine after forcing Ukraine's common people to be disarmed. This again made Democrats millionaires as oil stocks took off again. The Democrats are now disarming the USA and will soon profit and gain power by further enslave the USA common people. What can you do. Make sure that your local polling places and all voting management has a Republican are all management levels to the top mayors and governors meetings. Get Republican tech leads to examine the Dominion Voting Machine Software Program.
    All US citizens should study current events but also political history and you will soon see as I do that our current Democrat Administration is Tyrannical and has attacked the USA common people by investing and forcing the killer mRNA's onto 2yo children while firing all front line workers who refuse. Vote Nov 1, 2022 and 2024. Remove ALL Democrats.

  • Finally She gets it.... Glad She hasn't been corrupted by Ukraine money Laundry machine!!

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