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New Bill Seeks To Ban Gab From the UK
May 13, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



The UK legislation gives the government Office of Communications the power to issue fines of up to £18million or 10 per cent of their annual global turnover if that is higher, and to completely block access to platforms.

Privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch has labelled the legislation “state-backed censorship and monitoring on a scale never seen before in a liberal democracy.”

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  • They better not! If they do, I will never forgive my own government. People in the UK who use Gab will revolt if they go down this path.

  • Only newborn babies don't yet know what a VPN is and how to use it. The UK demons in power believe themselves China 2.0.

  • Stand strong Andrew! 🇺🇸❤️🐸

  • Red coats 🤣

  • There's a reason we fought a war to break up with them. Good riddance.

  • Truth is "misinformation" to the criminal conspiring elites in the Bilderberg Group who run the tyrannical UK gov. Truth is safe only when free speech is protected.

    Thank you, Andrew. You're a true defender of free speech and truth.

  • While the fines seem like they could potentially damage gab quite a bit and that is clearly the intent, at the same time I relish the idea of them trying to get rid of Gab in the UK, any block by the government is going to be bypassed in less than 5 seconds, guarantee it.

  • Are the same standards going to be applied to CNN, Washington Post, New York Time, DailyBeast, etc so on and so forth?

  • Any concept of freedom in leftist UK land is so far down the crapper it would take a swan dive to save it.

  • Andrew, sometime back you mentioned that foreign users of Gab are protected by the American 1st Amendment as the platform is US based and foreign governments do not have jurisdiction in the US. So user's can go about their normal business on Gab without fear.


  • All this TWISTED BULL needs to BE DEALT with..Congress shld've never allowed this to begin with! They need to CLAMP DOWN & UISSUE NEW RULES..Enough Talking POINTS, Let's get some legislation going...We THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF ALL THIS TWISTED SISTA Crap, & WE WILL ALL SHOW UP @ Hearings make sure they get it done..Who is making a Bill to Stop, US? MISINFORMATION...OF WHAT?! They are the RATS & WE will proove it...SHow me the Misinformations...!! Screw them..Keep me Posted, please! Anita 5-16-21

  • Time to roll out Gab VPN

  • Limey's can suck it.

  • They're right to be afraid. Our minds are weaponized. Nobody has all the answers. They think they do. British legislators used to speak English but now they can only speak in lies. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  • Well done Gab!

  • It doesn't surprise me when it comes to the U.K!

  • I love that Gab exists, and dislike the censorship being promoted by this proposed law. However, I am also frustrated by the percentage of junk promoted on Gab. It is less valuable because of it.

    A case in point, is where the Gab newsletter promoted a totally wrong understanding of what mRNA is, and thinks it can be used to modify DNA. Perhaps GabNews should make more effort to have its own fact-checkers double-check its own news. Especially on technical subjects. They can choose conservative fact-checkers, who are specialists they trust in the area they are commenting. And then, rather than blindly accept their recommendation, see if the fact-checkers can convince GabNews that GabNews had it wrong. And only then, publish what they feel is true.

  • I support you and love this new platform but there are so many bugs. And not to be negative but I just absolutely hate your opening music

  • Isn't this what america complains about when other countries do it. e.g. certain Middle Eastern countries, China etc.

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