May 17, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

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Video shows police giving permission to protestors to peacefully enter and protest in the Capitol.

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  • The Insurrection Hoax will likely just be the precursor to a significant false flag event that will be somehow be used to save the Democrats (neo-liberal socialists) from losing the House AND Senate next Fall.


  • Instead of having a “9/11 Commission “ on Jan 6 we need one for NOV 3, 2020!!!

  • “INSURRECTION - THE MOVIE” it should have been called. It was so obviously staged. From the guards who let people inside, to the guard who had to keep drawing the crowd after him up the stairs. Really poor acting too.

  • Sorry I failed to see anything wrong with Jan 6 except that some people got hurt and unfortunately some died. My condolences to family of ones that died. But seriously that was march for freedom and unity.

  • Invited in by the Police in, not just this video, but also another, showing them holding a door and stepping aside as starry eyed patriots felt welcomed and poured in even stopping to sy hello to Police....until Ashli was shot and killed, that is.

  • Take notice of the tattoos these two were not on the conservative side. They were actors for the left 100%

  • The disconnect between the original narrative of January 6 and what we know today is alarming. All should recognize that the impeachment push and militarization of D.C. was fueled by emotions and politics rather than facts and reason.

  • Hiding the TRUTH is the Left's agenda because it keeps people imprisoned in an alternative universe. But what promotes, gives, and sustains freedom is TRUTH [Jesus said, " will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." - John 8.32].

  • Remember when the fur-skin-hat face-paint dude was shown endlessly in mainstream news as some great threat? But here the SAME GUY is directing others, "We have the right to PEACEFULLY assemble!" Dinesh D'Souza said on his podcast this week that, with all the security cameras in the Capitol Building, the government has a total of 14,000 cumulative hours of video from that day and they won't release it. Obviously because it includes exculpatory video like the above.

  • The Tats give him away. Known Antifa gathered and coordinated the break-in. Sullivan and CNN reporter cheered their access into the capitol. These ppl in video are actors. Any MAGA persons that were encouraged to follow in are the only focus because IT WAS ALL SET UP. I say flyers and posts on social media announcing this 'counter' protest to Trumps MAGA event planned on Jan 6. Just like the fake 'Russia' story, this 'Insurrection' is a planned entrapment - Antifa in coordination with DNC. Prove me wrong.

  • This little video snippet doesn't prove much, and will not be noticed either - a couple of guys and one capitol policeman. If anyone REALLY wants to know the story of the Antifa infiltration and setup, watch Michael Yon's interview with Joshua Phillip. Yon is one of the most experienced war correspondents in the world, having covered over 500 conflicts, including lots of Antifa incidents. He saw the same Antifa tactics in HK earlier, and identifies them clearly.

  • Looks like Antifa - is it even a "real" cop?

  • GOD help us all.

  • President Trump does not realize the vaccine is a slow killer to reduce the worlds population.

  • These guys really don't look like conservative Trump supporters. They look like leftists antifa. Either way, whoever they are, looks like security is ok with them being there.

  • Peacefully go back to

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