May 19, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Parler censors on behalf of Apple.

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  • parler sucks, can't mainstream conservatives don't go to gab instead

  • I have no account on that platform. Never will.

  • You're such a freaking liar, dude! Let's not forget hypocrite, as well! You lie about other platforms so that you can gain users and money. You say all these platforms censor, while you censor, as well! I even have proof.

  • yours started again, then immediately stopped again. Then started again but out of sync. , It just stopped and started again. It's frustrating because it happens on all GabTV videos. Only here though, I don't have the problem anywhere else. I'm missing some excellent content! HELP?

  • I thank God every day for gab Andrew, because He used you to give it to us. I'm having a problem on GabTv though. The videos will not start, and if they happen to, 1 did after 4min. and it started while I was on Gab Support, if they happen to start the usually stop about halfway and they're done.

  • Thank you @a. We would have no free speech if it weren't for gab 🇺🇸🐸

  • can we get that gab flag off the dissenter shop? I would like one!

  • Is there away to sort the 'Explore' area by most recent video? Thx.

  • Nice flag!

  • My question is "WILL THIS WORK?" Or "trolling content" will be considered a "dog whistle" meaning red pill?

  • It was so easy to delete my Parler account.

  • So glad that gab refuses to bow down to the evil establishment.

    This video clearly explains why the left remains largely in control of our country.

  • Christians do not understand that there has been such a thing as the 1000 year reign of Christ going on since the peak of the Roman Empire. During the first witness of the 1000 year reign of Christ that lasted about 300 years or so, the Roman government gave the people in the Empire the freedom of speech so that is why there was a wide mixture of religions, cultures, etc. accepted during their reign on Earth. That was well planned by our Creator to have freedom of speech to start using the minds of his chosen saints to start processing HIS eternal programmed thoughts known as Christ. These eternal thoughts written and spoken through the mouths of the saints via the Holy Spirit caused religious minded men ( sinners, or the Antichrist ) to reject the Gospel ( Voice ) of God that they were hearing from the saints. These saints were reported to the Roman authorities who then went to arrest them according to their violation of the laws that were written against the preaching of the Beast which is the information that was exposing them for building false gods with their human hands. They did not want their religious followers listening to any knowledge that their false gods were in violation of the Law of God. So after all the saints were killed by 325 AD, the freedoms that the people had during the Roman rule began to be restricted as the new Roman rules were being instituted by the Roman leaders like Constantine who announced himself to be Saint Peter's successor as the pope. Then he called all the religious groups in the Roman Empire as Christianity and made a new gospel message called the Roman Catholic Creed in which he forced them all to chant to each other and to those they accepted into their new Roman Catholic Church. This is when the freedom of speech declined for anyone who opposed the Roman Catholic Church and eventually the Papal, or Vatican which became the governing body over all the Roman Catholics. For the next hundreds of years, the freedom of speech was pretty much restricted throughout the world until the U.S.A. was formed with it's U.S. Constitution. Once quantum mechanics was discovered because of the Beast operating in the minds of men who built the false gods called electrical batteries, light bulbs with filaments that light up with bright light with electrical current flowing through it. that is when the second witness of the 1000 year reign of Christ began. Quantum mechanics which is the study of invisible frequencies that form the visible images we observe, caused some created minds to be chosen to eventually believe in the true Gospel of God being preached to them by the mind that his having this human body typing this sentence. It is the Beast operating in the minds of men who built all the false gods associated with computers, internet, virtual reality games and AI systems that speak through speakers which was necessary for me to understand what I AM as the servant of God. Now that the 1000 year reign of Christ is near the end when this human body dies, Satan and the Beast will be the only force operating in the minds of men until the NWO uses their AI systems to control every human being according to the plans of our Creator. During that time is when the Earth will begin shaking violently to end this temporary generation known as the day of the Lord. Up until that day, Gab, and any free speech platform will be destroyed by the NWO. There won't be any place on Earth for chosen believers to hear the Truth because I ( servant of God ) will not be sharing anymore eternal wisdom into this visible realm.

  • Old news .. Parler has been censoring ever since they came back online after the big public beatdown by Amazon. I haven't wasted a minute on them since.

  • The crux of the issue with free speech in relation to big tech censorship is that completely reasonable, genuine but dissenting opinions shouldn't be silenced. Especially political &/or religious opinions, ideas, debate and banter. What made people on the political right go over to Parler and others is that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and similar established social media entities were purposely censoring &/or attempting to counter legitimate information from conservative creators with "fact checker" labels that mainly just take you to information they want you to believe is true. Or worse they were removing and banning conservatives and Republicans with little or no warning.

    All the drama and circus that has gone one since the 2020 election is all because honest people know that the election contrary to democrat lies was not the most secure, was not the most free, and had plenty of fraud that happened; but they don't want to see the facts tried in a court of law so they're doing everything they can to suppress not just President Donald Trump, but they want to to suppress any one they perceive as being supporters and allies of President Trump and the Republican party.

  • gab>parler.

  • About a year or so ago, I tried to get on parler. It just wouldn't open up. So I said forget it, I still have Gab. Glad it turned out that way.

  • You are the only one left Andrew. Please keep up the good work. I believe that Gab will eventually be the measure in which we know if a politician is legit. If they don't have a Gab account, they are fake conservatives. They are worried about what the establishment will think. They are owned.

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