Sep 23, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

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Project Veritas exposes the FDA

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  • Feels like he is just kidding about the blow darts. Almost something you would say if you think you're funny or flirting with someone.

  • disgusting dog. to hell for him

  • I must admit, I'm feeling a strong desire to blow-dart this ahole with a Polonium 210 needle.

  • There are two Taylor Lee's that work for the FDA. One an economist which I doubt this little faggot is and one a non-governmental employee aka propagandist.

  • The biggest problem with having a list of people who are vaccinated and a list of people who are not, just complicates things. What happens when you are on both lists because of an error? Do they assume the worst? What if through malice or error you are kept on the non-vax list after the shot(s)?

  • NO! There needs to be an organized registry of all those who voted to sell our nation and people to foreign interests and agendas...

  • A vaccine that does not stop you from getting the virus. Are you stupid. When you get to my house you will get shot.

  • Another brainless gov. official. They have a database on all vaccinated so just subtract them from our population and wala.

  • Wouldn't there be a danger of the person shooting the blow darts getting a lead injection of their own in return?

  • Political Appointees - Yep, controlling things....

  • This is another distraction! False Flag..

    Won't be needles flying. It will be us being taken to Covid Camps and killed for our belief in Jesus Christ..

  • FAGGOT and FASCIST have the same etymolgy.

  • if someone says "use hollow points on vaccine nazis. just shoot them all." it would be seen as hate speech, racist, and white supremacy.

  • That young person is a very sick empty sack who should never let the word normal fly out of his mouth.

  • So, no I.Q. test to be on the FDA team? I have to assume he is a diversity quota hire??

  • There should be a registry of people with AIDS.

  • This gentleman might have some homosexual tendencies.

  • This taylor guy loves blowing

  • The most significant thing he said is that political appointees are manipulating things right now.

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