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The Big Tech Exodus Is Here Get On Gab
Jan 10, 2021

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...


Gab CEO Andrew Torba discusses the Big Tech exodus.

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  • We bless the Almighty for your platform. Let the hand of our saviour and Lord Jesus be up on this platform right now . We're ready to promote it

  • Bring them down. They all pay for it .


  • This is amazing... Way to go OUR brother. Shut down all the garbage and bringing EVERYONE I know over here... Wow God has got you brother.. I am giggling with pride over your accomplishments.... Feel like a child again with Joy over you and this....

  • God bless you

  • Passed this on to my friends and family. I'm sure they will be making the move to Gab.

  • Have you thought about expanding even further and providing server hosting for Parler as well? I know you have a long way to go because the amount of new activity is causing your site to run incredibly slow but I think it would be great, and also help to fund what you have!

  • Thank you so much for what you’re doing. We all know you’re going to be a target and I’m sure you know that too. We need all the heroes we can get

  • YES! it's even written in the bible THEY WILL LOSE... the time for ALL humans to be free is within sight... And as we fight so will they and continue to collapse everything around us including the economy, so get into crypto and get out of the traditional banking system...

  • Thanks Andrew for having the courage and tenacity to take on the Goliaths of Silicon Valley.

  • We are grateful to have a place with free speech thanks you!

  • Praise God. So thankful for the years of hard work you guys have put into this. You are inspirational.

  • Andrew, do NOT go public! Remain a PRIVATE company.

  • Andrew, I regret not having the time to research the details when you did a fundraising a few years ago in exchange for ownership in the company. If you're still taking investors, I'm ready to do it. I think you will keep growing, thanks to the millions of $ in free advertising from the tech tyrants trying to destroy you and parler. Parler not thinking ahead is benefitting Gab. I'll probably get your phone when it comes out. Would switch to Dissenter, but am waiting for a future release. Big tech is willingly committing suicide with their arrogant controlling behavior. You will be a trillionaire. Keep going! Develop a new payment method for us to bypass the banks and paypal, etc..

  • Mobile App for GabTV in the works? Plans for a more functional app for It's good to see Gab survive the Great Purge.

    There really is no choice remaining. We have to build parallel everything, because right now The Left owns everything.

  • Hopefully with all the infrastructure you've built - perhaps you can sell that service to others? Wishing you prosperity.

  • Thank you. x

  • Awesome and thank you

  • I honestly like Gab so much more than FB and YT. It all just runs so much smoother. I love having everything on one platform. The attitude over here is just so much more positive. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping the lines of communication open!

  • Thank you for doing what you have done! I'm new to gab and loving it. God bless America and the Patriots of America!

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