Apr 28, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Andrew Torba discusses the Gab Phone.

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  • Any word on the Gab phone?

    One thing to consider: Hardware switches are the only way to ensure you can actually turn off a camera, mic, wireless, bluetooth, etc. Otherwise everything can be hacked. Also, an OS that doesn't depend on Google et al.

  • It's time for me to get a new phone because my carrier decided to shut down their 3g network (Boost), now my perfectly fine, expensive phone is obsolete. Where is the GAB Phone?

  • I would have you all look at this video on clearPHONE and ClearUnited. If you want to be "off-grid" with tech, this phone can do it. - if interested, go here to purchase

  • I hope you guys are able to sell a Gab Phone. I really want to switch to a non Apple phone.

  • I would love to give YOU my money Andrew than the evil google empire......

  • Is there any new info on this? Are you offering this service?

  • Do you offer a cell phone service?

  • Ok, I just got my pixel phone and have not set it up yet. How do I do it without giving google any info?

  • Thank you, Andrew! Please exit their Sea Jurisdiction as well by claiming your name and come back home to the Land and Soil Jurisdiction. Check

  • I thought you were developing one fro scratch. Can I get some input on this new "Freedom Phone"

  • Can I do this with a pixel 4 A?

  • The only thing is that I'm still giving google a lot of money for the Pixel 4. Otherwise nice first step.

  • #stopthejewishmenace the fascist state of israel is oppressing and killing the natives of #palestine, do your part to stamp out #jewish tyranny and bring freedom to all people!

  • Here is a guide should you want to try de-googling your phone yourself:

  • I would buy one as soon as could if you sold then.

  • Is it possible to give text and video links in your emails? I personally prefer emails for these types of updates. But, I can't speak for everyone.

  • I would buy one.

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