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The Incompetent Grifters Around President Trump
May 14, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Gab CEO Andrew Torba discusses the grifters around the President and their motivations.

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  • You are such a hypocrite, Andrew. You guys grift all of the time! You disgust me.

  • I love you, man! Free speech and freedom, while making a profit! Keep doing what you're doing, Andrew Torba!!!

  • Do you believe Trump doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to creating a platform to speak? The man is brilliant, and what happens around him isn't a surprise. He knows full well who he's dealing with (example: putting Fauci front and center). He's being strategic. I think you're taking pot shots because you are afraid of the (future) competition. Don't be like big tech and discredit what scares you. Let the competition fuel you to be the best version of yourself. I started following you because I liked what you stood for, and because you were unapologetically for Jesus. But over the months I've seen you make unkind, snarky, and unchristian remarks to and about people. I'm not advocating you stop speaking truth. Even Jesus spoke hard truth. But you are doing it in a way that is not being a very good example of shining Jesus in the lives of others. I'm not perfect. I mess up and say things I shouldn't (even on social media). But we have to be better. Let's be better together :)

  • It became obvious DJT was surrounded by ppl who wanted him out because NO ONE helped him or supported him after the election was stolen from him at 3am on election night.

  • You should only allow Trump back if he pays for a lifetime Pro account.

  • Wow had no idea Trump's guys are more interested in money than our 1A, Makes me very sad. Thank you for standing for what's right Andrew! Gab will be huge one day and I'm proud to be a member! 🇺🇸❤️

  • Freedom and Liberty are always right! Keep up the Amazing work! Go Gab!

  • gab gab @gab

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    Help us screw a Jap!

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  • I keep giving Trump the benefit of the doubt about the multiple bad choices in personnel he has made, especially his "pandemic vaccine crew", but my loyalty has limits.

    I will not be played for a sucker.

    DJT had better have some new ideas when he goes rally in June or I'm gone.

  • We will win, because the alternative is what they have in China. If you think one answer to a problem is the only possible answer, you are dumber than I am, and ultimately, that means you lose.

  • Red flag: People familiar with the situation said. WSJ isn't reliable news source. While this could be true, I'd wait to hear from better (independent) news who actually names names as sources.

  • DJT is forming his own social media. Coming out around the 4th if July. It sounds like the grifters are doing this on their own.

  • I just don't understand how or why Trump would want to be paid for being on Gab or any other platform. He's got his to say what he wants. It's just hard to believe that DJT is making demands like this. I wonder if he knows what his grifter team is putting out there. If he's really part of this nonsense, my disappointment in him is profound.

  • Mr. Torba, I am your brother if you are who you present yourself to be. Trump is the conservative Constitutionalists' Judas goat. You must wake up. If not, then we must presume you are one of them, or using Trump as a means to your ends, upon which we cannot speculate since I, personally, am too old for double agent intrigues, which are the way of the World. Please read "House of Trump House of Putin." Also, realize Trump's allegiances lie with Israel. Therefore?

  • Trump continues to let people give him bad advice. You would think that after his first term, he would have learned his lesson. I still think he is way better than what we have now, but he still as much to learn.

  • You are right...Trump should pay you to carry his content...that’s exactly how network tv started as “chain broadcasting” by paying local affiliates to carry programs! See any history of broadcasting. He’s apparently surrounded by ignorance—SAD! Now please launch a blogging platform asap!

  • Your mission is why I went Pro and continue to donate whenever I can. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

  • Valid points given. Too bad you couldn't get this message through to Trump.

  • Love Trump for exposing the deep state and media. Now everyone knows who's who. Trump was a great CEO, but not such a great leader, too much of a socialite, trusting people because of their resume and repeatedly being stabbed in the back and cut off at every turn because he listened to the wrong people. Trump isn't a bad guy, but he's arrogant, and God will not bless that, he grandstands and talks about himself way too much. He should heed the Proverb - Humility goes before honor, pride goes before a fall. I didn't like all the commercial self promotion during his presidency, and I think that was a goad to his enemies, to his own hurt. He did what he said he would do, but he is too petulant, too full of himself, and although I voted for him all the way, that still troubles me. I pray for him, and for our country.

    Andrew Torba, I allowed my sub to lapse in March I think, but almost everyone else is censoring, including Townhall and now even CFP .. so I won't go there anymore.. I don't have time for those people, but I like what you are doing with Gab and I will reup my sub. I am careful not to blaspheme, I don't swear, its a bastardization of language :?), and I don't threaten anyone, no reason to censor me... All the best my friend.

  • I think Jimmy Dore and the Convo Couch would be a great get for gabtv. Lefties who are on the verge of being banned by neoliberal platforms

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