May 05, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Gab CEO Andrew Torba explains why Trump isn't on Gab despite being banned from Big Tech platforms.

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  • Thank you for the explanation... That's disgusting. I knew from Day 1 Kushner is a globalist. Very disappointing that Trump is oblivious to this, our Constitution and the every definition of free speech by our Founding Fathers principles.

  • I think Trump was a well meaning fill, but a grifter the same if he surrounds all his tools with these sorts of people. Then he is either okay with it or is too incompetent to do the job. I didn't want to believe it, bit the evidence shows he wasn't clever enough to be our vanguard, but just our mascot.

    At least he still annoys all the people I hate.

  • Sadly, Trump has been surrounded by spies & traitors. Trump has trusted too many of them that destroyed his Presidency.

  • I still don't know why Trump listens Jared though? I mean does Trump listen to Jared on what underpants he's allowed to wear as well!? It's still not a good enough argument.

  • President Trump’s biggest weakness is his belief and willingness to give people a chance and he’s loyal even if they might not necessarily deserve it. His first year in office was bogged down thanks to leaks all due to his willingness to give people/snakes like Priebus a chance. I think when a person is naturally loyal they expect the same from those are him and loyalty and politics make bad bedfellows. Just my opinion.

  • I remember being on Gab years ago... Thank you so much for putting the site back together!!


  • Facebook labeled me as a EXTREM FAR RIGHT WINGER! WTF,, I wish my cousins would come here and dump Facebook ! Zuckerberg is a freaking idiotic person...

  • "I don't care what Jared Kushner thinks". So you won't care when Trump doesn't come on Gab. Andrew, have you never heard Aessop's fable about the sun and the wind? Blow blow blow... and he will just button up his coat even tighter.

  • Jared was right about Parler and Twitter, wasn't he? Why on earth would Trump join Gab when you keep bagging out his son-in-law?! This is his family. Andrew, that is seriously dumb.

  • Andrew one of the reasons I support gab so strongly is you, you have the conviction, fortitude & principles not to sell out! I consider myself the same way, I will uphold my moral values and Christian faith and I will not sell out to anyone.

  • Thank you for sharing this story, Andrew. President Trump is making mistakes just like any of us. The price is heavy. Brad and Jared will take him to the wrong directions. He needs a very strong platform, a media outlet and his own social media giant, plus be where people are except for the Big Brothers’ channels.

  • I had this sneaking suspicion that Trump was not who we thought he was. How we get the millions to leave his cult is beyond me.

  • Thank you Andrew

  • When I use Gab, Amazon and Fastly connect to my computer. I block them and everything still works, so I wonder why they connect. I think people may also be getting tracked when they use Gab. Something you might want to look into since you seem to be concerned about tracking. Thanks for all you do.

  • trump isn't here because gab is trash and he doesn't want to be associated with trash. he'll take your money -- he's a grifter just like the rest of them -- but that's all you're good for. jared isn't some nefarious puppetmaster and trump is some poor, helpless guy who doesn't know the type of people he hangs out with.

    if twitter or facebook unbanned him he'd be on that shit in a minute lmao. they're the ones he wants to be a part of, because they matter.

  • You’re a true patriot, Andrew. Thank you for your unwavering integrity and transparency.🙏

  • Maybe it is simply that he wants to rub it in their faces if he keeps getting millions of views. He wants Facebook and Google to know that he doesn't need them.

  • "Brad is worth every penny. Just ask him."

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