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They Want To Shut Gab Down To Shut You Up
Jun 23, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Andrew Torba talks about the history of the Enemy's attacks on Gab and why they are doing it.

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  • Andrew, the entire Gab family, all of us, have the strength of many ☀️s & are going to survive famously because 🙏Jesus is our King and Saviour. 🙏Blessed is the Lord, Jesus Christ, for JESUS IS OUR KING🙏 ✝️We are a strong Christian Organization✝️. We all 🙏Pray to GOD🙏 Those non-believers who believe only in money and power will be destroyed by same💸👿 , while we shall flourish with clean ❤️Hearts and Souls❤️filled with love. We must ✝️Pray to GOD For Help✝️ and that will keep us strong with humility and respect❤️. 🙏✝️GOD WINS✝️🙏 ALWAYS❣️

  • What has the Texas government decided about Gab?

  • It's tyranny like what America's Founding Fathers have been warning about. First they come for your self defense ability by taking your guns and any other tools for your self defense,then they will censor you and put you in prison if you speak out against them,this is what commies do. Never give in and never give up.

  • GoDaddy's always been scum -- they're the worst about both front-running domains you consider buying, and scalping domains you didn't renew quickly enough.

  • They Don't Own The Internet, You Should See The Leftist Scumbags Posting At RawStory. Every Post Starts With An Insult If They Think You're White.

  • @a @gab Dear Andrew Torba, I hope this message makes its way to you. Have you heard of Ronald Bernard? He is an ex-Central Banker (his moving testimony online) and they tried to destroy his life too but even more extreme. However, he survived the ordeal and created his own bank. It was called Bank of Joy...but when I look it up now, it says B of Joy. He has a youtube channel and I am confident you would be able to make contact with him there. He is extraordinarily gifted in finances. You should check him out and see if perhaps you could get your online banking setup with his bank. I hope you see this message or someone who is in communication with you gets you this message. Check out this video from Ronald Bernard's channel "Ronald Bernard - My invitation to the whole world": and here is 'B of Joy' Channel:

  • it is also attacking any movement or true facts and evidence against their own interrest and just like their vaccine movement against all people is a failure so far because the huge majority has refused them and even over 3 quarters of Americans now said no more and their movement is failing because of true facts and truth and some common sense

  • They are resurrecting the NAZI PARTY once again and all designed for maximum control of everything and becking this as they did in both World wars are the money changers

  • we trust in our Almighty God!

  • Hold strong Andrew. We are all counting on you. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏

  • Thanks again Andrew. Glad to have been lurking since 2018 and a member since 2019. You rock.

  • ANDREW!!! I am trying to reach you, and have been for some time! I am the Founder of Overpasses For America and I believe that we can greatly benefit one another if we work together!

    I've emailed #gab @Support several times but heard nothing back! WE HAVE GOT TO STAND TOGETHER!

  • The ADL banks on the ignorance of Americans. Most organization for the rally on Jan 6th was done on FACEBOOK and other platforms. For anyone who doesn't know the history of the ADL-look it up.

  • I for one do not like the Anti-Semite or race hate speech here on GAB, But if you really want free speech like here on GAB, then you have to accept the fact that some people have different opinions than you do. Therefore I support GAB for a beacon of free speech.

  • They are afraid of Whites thinking for ourselves, realizing we are not only a people who are not the demons they want us to think, but in fact a people who are being denied our human rights, coming together and collectivizing as a race and work for our own freedom and future.

  • All men and women need to do to be free and save their souls in the coming years is to refuse acts of corruption no matter how small or big. Evil cannot ever make a person with a soul do ANYTHING they do not consent to. So never consent to being used or a servant if it is not to God alone who loves.

  • Banks, Credit Cards Business' are held to the 1st Amendment, they are Public Securities through the SEC and Fed, both created by legislation. I'd sue them on this. Unless they have a better reason to claim public and transparently. The internet itself was a DoD legislated program.

  • GOD is with US, and GOD is with You and Your family, Do you have a new Son or new Daughter?

  • Nice spin there, Torba. Abbott didn't say Gab has no place in Texas because of "free speech"; he said it has no place in Texas because of the blatant and widespread antisemitism and white supremacist and neo-nazi content that YOU facilitate without any shame, even joining in with those in their commentary.

  • If your business is truly "honest", do your pro users get to see the books?

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