May 11, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Trump's statements get as much engagement on Gab alone vs all of Big Tech engagement combined.

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  • I agree Trump needs to come to gab 🇺🇸❤️🐸

  • Thank You Andrew and the Gab Tech Team for allowing Free Speech in America. Even For #45 !!
    Blocking a President of America from Social Media is proof the Swamp is Deep and Wide!! Lots of work left for those who love the Freedom offered in the U.S.A. and American Christian Values!!

  • Gab is the BOMB! Don't ever stop free speech.

  • Oy vey.

  • I have nothing but respect for Donald Trump but he's older and I don't hold it against him that he doesn't understand the internet. I think he does pretty well all things considered. Even on the vaccine he gets a pass from me since he was lied to by con artists and he isn't a scientist. He wanted to help people so badly he got hustled, it happens. I guess when you're bigger than life you end up surrounded by sharks.

  • He has FB and Twatter trackers on his website because he hired some shit company to make the website and they just made a basic generic ass website with absolutely 0 thought put into creating it.

  • videos keep stopping mid stream

  • President Trump is still my/our President.

  • That's great news! Congratulations Andrew! You are growing!

  • Bizarre, Trump pretended, never prosecute traitors. Exposed Patriots. Just my thoughts.

  • Where is President Trump's Gab account so I can follow, like, love, support, love him? HERE>>>>

  • Torba, you’re quite full of yourself. 80M people voted for President Trump. You force people to follow you when they join GAB. Let that sink in!

  • I was a Big Trump Supporter. However, the Rose Colored Glasses came off when he Walked Away. I’m Over it.

  • Thank you Andrew for putting Gab in place and making it work. I cannot wait til I can eliminate all other platforms and see Gab take off like a rocket. I know its doing that now but it will be better I have no doubt.

  • Social distancing has been particularly stressful for the members of The Flat Earth Society. They fear these measures will push someone over the edge.

  • How much does Gab Pro cost ? I kind of like the honesty of Andrew Torba and I like freedom of speech. I am in Texas and one of the accepted in polite company words here in Texas is bull...., I suppose because we have a lot of cattle here, I don’t know, but it is accepted in polite company conversations. I wonder if it is accepted on Gab, and, if not, why not.

  • Trump is the only thing that stands between a free U.S.A. and the globalization and eventual destruction of America.

  • I'm sure all that will change when President Trump has his own social media.

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