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Tucker Carlson's Powerful Speech In Hungary
Aug 10, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



A must watch

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  • I like Tucker but there is no need to talk about past hostilities with German people. Genetically Anyone with the R1aR1b haplogroup "North West European" are all related. Just a separate tribe of the lost tribes of Israel.

  • "Every Hungarian I have ever met, from the driver to the waiter to the border guard, speak better English than our own President." Haha, ain't that the truth!

  • So very true..............As a Christian, a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ, it makes me sad to see America eroding giving way to socialism.........and the around the world comes comes the Cry for a Reset, a One World Government crying out for a "Leader" to rise up and save the world ! YET, at the same time this is nothing new for we as Christians have been awaiting this fulfillment of Scripture which God has foretold in Prophecy and what God Foretells in Prophecy will come to pass.....guaranteed 100% in His Promises, but according to His perfect Timing & His perfect ways. Want to know more, want to discover if this is True pick up the World of God, NAS, NKJV versions for a starter and begin with the Books of Revelation, Book of John et al while calling upon the Lord God Almighty the Creator to reveal Truth......I guarantee He will Answer: If you want sources of much more knowlegeable sources who have been avid studiers or renown, here are a few for starters, Don Stewart, Ed Hinson, Andy Woods, Jan Markell, Edwin Lutzer, Ron Rhodes, Chuck Missler ( now with the Lord), David Jeremiah, DON Perkins, Amir Tsfarti.........just a few for starters. Its true the earth is dying, but let me encourage you with this Scripture which reveals the lies of Worldly ecologists: Matthew 5:18 Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill. 18 For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one [b]jot or one [c]tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled". And God knows the year, the month the day,the hour the minute HIs Word will be fully accomplished and come to Pass. Read Numbers 23:19

  • It saddens me that we the USA has become everything that Tucker speaks about. What happened? I'll tell you it all started in the Schools. They are training and teaching the Children of the USA to hate their nation and anyone who disagrees with them they no longer want them to know about decent moral convictions and pride in their nation. Safe Places need to be torn down and our children need to deal with life on life's terms. God forbid we need to defend this nation for now our Military are coddling the young men and women in service to the nation. God Help Us All but I fear for the Survival of our beloved Nation The United States of America. I fear for the future of our Children they are being led to the slaughter willingly.

  • TC makes the mistake of viewing the relationship between Hungary and her neighbors from a unilateral point of view, the Hungarian point of view. Being a guest there, I guess that's to be expected. He wants to be invited next time.

  • Thanks, I was hoping to find a good download of this.

  • Leave Fox and go to Newsmax.

  • Listening to Mr. Tucker speak about the United States and what is obviously to those who live in the Country is refreshing. More and more people need to hear the absolute truth of the current political power in charge and how they are destroying the United States of America. And if We the People of this Land decide to rebel against this Totalitarian government, the people not of this country will understand “WHY” We the patriotic people of this Nation, Care very much for our home, our Children and each other. This is a Nation Under God and we trust in God to be with us as we move forward to taking our Country back from the Evil that is currently ruining and making our private and FREE LIVES miserable.

  • This was great. I've been thinking a lot about Hungary since seeing Prime Minister Viktor Orban speak... And I love Tucker Carlson!

  • It is not enough to talk about freedom.

  • So refreshing ❣

  • Excellent speech. But he's wrong about the USA leading the world in humour. The Brits are number one.

  • Awesome Hungary! Dictatorship runs wild in Portugal, Spain, and almost all countries in Europe.

  • Andrew you and your Family Are As Great As Tucker & DeSantis

  • Lag lag lag abd stop every 10 minutes

  • Thank you and God bless you Tucker.

  • Thankd Tucker

  • A very powerful and inspirational speech. Tucker should share this speech on his show or on Tucker Carlson Today.

  • Thank the Good Lord that Tucker is spreading a powerful truth - any sensible and aware person acknowledges this is honesty.

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