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Tucker Max Describes Gab’s Go And Build Philosophy Perfectly
May 24, 2022

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Author Tucker Max lays out the philosophy behind Gab’s Go And Build philosophy.

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  • Great idea, but need to inspire more the younger portion of the population to have a longer lasting effect. The youngest are the future of our society. Feel that currently, these youngsters that have been brainwashed in these mostly liberal lunatic schools are kind of lost , desensitized. But something needs to be done and these people, that are at the forefront of this changing trend, hopefully will have a solid impact on the generations to come.

  • Awesome, you inspired me to start a channel as well. "The Off-Grid Plant Man" I live in the Jungle of Nicaragua but am from the US. Have a unique off grid setup and experience with plants for most all my life. Wanna help people get to producing more food, meat, fruit, veggies as well as understanding the nutrition side of things. The idea I have is we are not trying to survive, but we are manifesting Life Abundantly the way God Designed us, in a garden!

  • What you state here is feasible however knowing the influx of illegals in our country how safe are you going to be when they come in large groups to invade and do harm or even worse? 🤔 please answer that.

  • Re: recovering our sovereignty as Americans.

    Hey Andrew, I want to tell you and your followers about a movement to recover our sovereignty taking place in our country that is really gaining traction. As you and your followers probably know, we the people have been unlawfully converted into British Territorial U.S. Citizens via the "birth certificate", and you probably didn't know that in turn the British Territorial U.S. Government (corporation) sold our birth certificates to the Papist Municipal United States Government (corporation) and they converted us into a "Municipal citizen of the United States". As a U.S. Citizen, we are a subject (chattel) of the British Crown (Corporation) and subject to the King's "Equity Law". As a Municipal "citizen of the United States", we are considered a slave to the Pope. Both of those corporate entities consider us, our children, our land and possessions as chattel, backing their debts. What most folks don't know is that neither of those citizenship's protect you with what we have learned as our Constitutional guarantees.

    A world wide network of scholars, researchers retired Judges, and attorney's (who call themselves the living law firm) have contributed tens of thousands of hours of research information related to the fraud and usurpation being done to the people of planet Earth by the British Crown and the Pope. A grandma from Big Lake Alaska is their voice and her pen name is Anna Von Reitz ( Anna and the living law firm have exposed the fraud in great detail down to who is responsible, the documents, and dates involved in each piece of the puzzle. In this process, they have also learned of the remedy, based on how the original peoples American government was constructed.

    Here is a great outline of the fraud of the courts system for those folks who like to read and here is the same article made into a video, where a synthetic voice reads it to you

    The fraud and the remedy is available in greater detail and the processes we the people need to follow to regain control over both the Queen's and the Popes government services corporations is available to us here I hope you and your followers embrace and implement the processes necessary to regain our sovereignty together.

  • I enjoy watching Tucker Max “grown up”. I read his books and was a fan. I was once interested in that kind of lifestyle of debauchery. Nice to see him change up. I have made the same transition to a family man from a Tucker type comic book character.

  • this is cool thing

  • He is some what right, we do have to create our own community and system and join together and support each other to make a thriving separate economy. But we also can not just ignore the global take over, because the big bully government will just take everything you have away at some point, and that point seems a lot sooner rather than later. We must do both, and join with local sheriffs and other to up hold the constitution.

  • What about the 99% of us that can't just go out and buy a ranch?

  • This is how we win.

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