Jul 26, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Thank you Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for defending free speech and Gab against the hateful attacks of this Vice News "reporter" who wrongfully referred to Gab as the "Dark Web."

As he knows, we're not a dark web site and we regularly work with law enforcement all around the world to stop criminals with evil in their hearts, many of whom are radical left wing communists who come to Gab to start trouble in our community. The US government knows this, which is why the Homeland Security Secretary didn't get baited by Vice's stupid question.

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  • the interviewer is a tranny. he has a voice like a baritone

  • To the darkness, the light is unbearable...hence why they call those who practice light "dark." They be confused!

  • Lol Gab is the dark web. Hilarious oh wait I tried to use a torrent browser to find your site. NOT. I don’t even know how to find a dark web site. This shouldn’t of been news

  • Yeah, clearly you don't know what the dark web is if you think Gab is it....

  • I love when these evil cunts try to crown themselves as champions of free speech. Typical satanist crap, everything reversed.

  • Alejandro crossed the line on endangering a nation being complicit with open borders and the DC Gitmo 500.

  • Apparently, "dark web" just means 'scares libtards' now. Nevermind that Gab is indexed by the DNS servers.

  • buzz words for the others to pick up on . There is no doubt the feds and far left plants are all over GAB . those are most of those real hard core racists that you see with accounts on GAB , those are just bait accounts so CNN and VICE can point to and say look at all the racists on GAB . When I see those I call them out for what they are . Constitutional Conservatives are not racists and patriots come in all races , religions and belief systems . GAB is not here due to people going underground with their dark thoughts , GAB is here because Private companies are being allowed to be licensed to do business in our nation that deny its users this nations fundamental rights . How is that possible? Facebook and Twitter created GAB and Democrats and Republicans allowed it to happen . Look at how many Republicans STILL ARE ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER. It is pathetic . They ignore the undercurrents and are just slaves to the socialist bullhorn because they are afraid. Out of touch . I no longer contribute to Republicans period . I contribute to individual America First candidates . only .

  • LOL darkweb. I don't think they understand what that word means.

  • Vice is muzzie central

  • He's A Jewtino, Working For The Jews That Have Taken Over All Positions Of U.S. Power.

  • Because His Job Is To Protect Washington Gangster Criminals.

  • Hahahahahaha oh my Mr torba! This is so funny tho.

  • The Dark Web is where the Crisis Actors go to find work. I never heard of this VICE thing, never want to.

  • Cool! I help fund "THE DARK WEB." I feel so evil.

  • VICE, LOL, I used to watch em...definitely not recently or anymore

  • Seriously though. VICE is a bunch of commy dick sucking faggots and jews.

  • Love GabTv!

  • She wouldn't know what is the dark web even if it climbed onto her head and shat.

  • Me thinks that they have no clue what the "dark web" is.

    For those who doesn't know, the seep web is just all websites that are not searchable on any regular website. The "dark web" is a section within the deep web that usually contains illegal stuff or just people who knows how to escape out tech tyrants.

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