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Watching and Responding To Rachel Maddow's Smear of Me
Jul 26, 2022

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Gab CEO Andrew Torba watches Rachel Maddow's smear segment on Gab.

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  • Proud Anti Semite here.

  • Why are my comments banned?

  • Kudos from Denmark.

  • Very well said Andrew. Thank you for fighting for God's children!

  • She is a story twister trying to control the narrative I like what you saying and I agree with you.

  • No one who knows God cares what a in fact so-called Jewish trans man Rachel Mancow has to say.

  • I’m new here and it’s giving Me Hope that there are others that Stand with Conviction Love God and are I afraid to DEFEND the lies the disparaging words and the entire COWARDLY hate smear campaign that TARGETS those that STAND UP against the injustice- You are so right - they twist facts and mix them with their slanderous and malicious lies.

    They want to turn so many against YOU because YOU HAVE CREATED A SOLID FORMAT TO ALLOW those that refuse to drink the koolaide and SPEAK UP against this kind of Trickery and FALSE REPORTING !

    They need to report FACTS not insert their opinions and use the platforms to convince by coercion rather than just let the masses decide to follow those like You that SPEAK UP and choose to SEE THE LIGHT !

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  • Rachel is a jew. A christ hating jew. Revelation tells us world wid jewelry is the first beast power. When will the stupid christain wake up?

  • Not so much take over, just take them back from those who stole control of them.

  • The Jews are just scared they might lose control of the US Gov and the US Citizen might insist it works like the Israeli Knesset/Congress and no dual passport holders can serve in it's Government, why should that be a problem unless it actually 'it is problem', well to this one group absolutely 100% opposed to it, it certainly seems to be, just imagine my shock.!?

  • No and actually questioning the supposed numbers stated in the 'Holocaust' is also not anti-semitic but hey what isn't anti-semitic if these fake white khazars say it is, they have no say in what's anti_swmitic anyway seeing as they're not actually Jewish, stealing a religion isn't actually the same as converting to one but no doubt that'll be anti-semitic to tell those facts, again what isn't to them, lol.

  • They're just fuming they can't just shut Gab down, lol, or throw us off like they did on'Their' controlled shill sites as she happily states, they rely dohave no shame, so yeah go fuk yourself you, Madcow you lying, rabid rug muncher.!?

  • May God bless and protect you and your family and your ministerial efforts AS LONG AS you are truly His. I have seen too many supposedly "good" republicans NOT LIVE up to God's requirements.

  • I love what you said. We are DONE. We want to live our lives and be in discipleship. That is our mission. “Who then is invincible? The one who cannot be upset by anything outside their reasoned choice.” EPICTETUS Thank you for all you do and for GAB! God bless us all. "Prayer will consume sin—or sin will choke prayer." - J. C. Ryle Keep praying everyone!

  • Torba you need to go on every news channel that will have you. Ever heard, "No such thing as bad publicity".

  • I agree that eschatology has been corrupted, which is why the church has been caught sleeping. The enemy wants halfhearted worldly Christian churches that are easily manipulated by secular lies.

  • That's insane. We all know that msnbc and the like are propagandists. I wouldn't waste your time with them. Let the content of your character be visible but not blemished by evil . Evil people always expose themselves .

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