Jun 15, 2021

Andrew Torba ✝️

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriotic American, and the CEO of @gab. Now faith is...



Christians are being targeted with financial censorship and deplatforming.

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  • I cannot find much info as to how SHE {Lauren Witzke} and Edward Szall were shit canned from TrueNews by owner Rick Wiles. No details anywhere.

  • Why the Amish use cash...

  • That is exciting. Remind me the communist country I came from. And the people are just blind.

  • She should have known better than to bank with Wells Fargo ffs... JOIN YOUR LOCAL CREDIT UNION WHILE YOU CAN!

  • The GOP has been infiltrated successfully. Soon McConnell and the rest of RINO will be gone, & the GOP will then be able to put an OFFENSIVE wall in front of the 'maniacal Soros critical theory' practicers trying to shut us Christian America First believers out of society. Critical Theory has Marxist roots and has a simple philosophy of destroy everything, create nothing. It has been amongst us in many iterations and now, thanks be to Jesus, has been completely uncovered being taught, studied and followed as Critical Racial Theory. They are in our military all the way down to kindergarten. The precious fabric of America, from parents' groups to politicians and the military can now uncover the rest and we can use our large numbers of people to vote smart. The 2022 elections will dictate their strength.🇺🇸 ✝️God Bless America✝️🇺🇸

  • Time to start suing these treasonous anti-American entities. WTF are GOP elected leaders doing about all this?

  • Protestantism is not Christianity, it is heretical.

  • Invest in crypto.

  • Thanx for the heads up

  • Not as important, but my long standing gab account was banned or blocked or silenced. Help and support never responded to my requests why, chat was also a dead end. Twitter and Facebook at least gave you a courtesy email telling you why your account was silenced and even a chance to repent if your statement was out of line. Not so much in my case with If it is about money, should at least offer paid-support for accounts that have been disabled or banned.

  • Please name all the banks that have rejected your bank accounts. I want to make sure I am not doing business with them. Thank you

  • Wells Fargo was my very first bank. They sucked in 1990, and continue to suck to this day.

  • If people have to bake gay wedding cakes, by people who don't believe in that, then how can a bank do that to people who they hate?

  • This is a part of the takeover sadly! But in the end, these people will face judgement and you serve the beast you'll burn with it.

  • Wells Fargo is one of the worst banks so i am not surprised. I left them a long time ago. My best to Lauren in finding a better financial institution.

  • Andrew, there is a credit union that I use. Essentially it is open the Christians. Thrivent Federal Credit Union in Appleton Wisconsin. You can contact them. Contact me if there are issues.

  • Andrew, you are an American Treasure... I live under the thumb of Gov Wolf in the once great state of Pennsylvania near where you grew up. Pennsylvania is on the list for a Forensic Audit like the one just completed in Arizona. Every Pa. resident regardless of your politics should demand there Senators to move quickly and get this done! The Republic will not survive if we do not get to the bottom of the 2020 Election "Irregularities" and possible foreign intervention in our Elections. Being kind with my word selection. Anyway... I agree with your premise that Wells Fargo at least in this State is corrupt. They think if you have an account with them they have complete control over your money and your way of life. We had a very difficult time dealing with them when we wanted to have a joint account with my father who is planning for his end of life and Estate documents and needed help to do that. Wells Fargo refused my fathers request to add any family member to his account or even allow him to close the account and move to another Bank. Wake Up Americans! My Father left a Communist Country! and became an American success Story! He told me what happened here was so familiar to him, The Communists took everything from my Family in Cuba! now it is happening here!! Please young people save this Country I have nowhere else to go!

  • What is happening with the gab phone? I hope it will work on US CELLULAR providers. 🦉

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