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Budgie life with neurosis...even saints loved animals #budgie #neurosis #happiness #saints #cast #dogs
Oct 03, 2022


Channel about ussual things from a catholic point of view



"Animals proclaim the power, goodness and wisdom of God" (F.Spirago - Catholic folk catechism)

Even saints loved animals and not just them....for example:

Pope Pius XII (1939–1958) and his beloved goldfinch, Gretel, became an inseparable duo after the Pope rescued her from the Vatican Gardens. The miniscule bird, who suffered from a wing injury, joined the Pope for dinners following her recovery and provided him company while he worked late into the evening. She was oftentimes seen resting on the tip of Pope Pius' finger or on his shoulders — her two favorite spots.

The Pope also housed a flock of canary companions, and was known to even treat the insects of the Vatican Gardens with nothing but care and compassion. (

Pope Leo's elephant, Hanno, could perform an assortment of tricks and dances on command. Although elephants are an unconventional choice for a pet in today's day and age, Hanno was revered as a spectacle and became a symbol of grandeur. The elephant, who was gifted to Pope Leo X (1513–1521) by King Manuel I of Portugal, was featured in paintings, sculptures, poems, fountains, ceramics and other works of art. (

Who could create these nice companions than pure love, our Creator?

"Creation is the mirror in which God reveals Himself" (F.Spirago - Catholic folk catechism)

Please, join the world rosary each Wednesday at 6 p.m. and stand with others in resistance against the evil in the world!!

Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matthew 10:28)

And don´t forget to practice Our Lady’s First Saturday Requests at Fatima!

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