Jan 06, 2022

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Sources used in video:

What happened Potatohead, thought you were going to shut it down -

I've only been saying this for a year, vaxx damages immune system -

Macron wants to wake the sleeping giant -

China locks down another million population city -

Don't give the democrats any ideas -

Hawaii department of health deletes this tweet -

Rodgers busts the NFL, giving players ivermectin to salvage the season -

Not just the NFL, congress too -

They don't understand what irony means, form sheep to make syringe -

Good advice everyone should heed -

Florida looking better and better -

Georgia voting fraud starting to be exposed -

Schumer forgets what he says -

Typical dumb fuck liberal criticizes Joe Rogan -

Oops, amazon gender recognition machine identifies Michelle Obama as a man -

Newest member of the state road safety crew -

FBI to host J6 reunion -

Steve Inman -

Song - Topher - Facts Are Racist -

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