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Biden's Fake War Is To Cover His Corruption, UK Pedo Gets Off Easy & Chanada Goes Full Commie
Feb 16, 2022

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Sources used in video:

Bidens fake war cover for destroying equipment so he doesn't get busted -

Remember when Biden bribed Ukraine, the internet does -

Another pedo gets off with no punishment -

When did the post office become the fbi -

Chanada goes full commie -

Trudeau lets it slip he wants to be dictator -

Here she is before her speech about to shit herself -

2 WEF members turning into 1940 germany -

Yes, she is on the WEF young global leaders list -

Uh oh, Maria Bartiromo WEF global leader -

NY is full commie with new governor and new mayor -

Ukraine president calls Bidens bluff -

Neuralink implants didn't go so well -

What else was the Enquirer right about -

Where did billions of BLM dollars go -

Kelloggs wants to pay illegals $500 per month -

Australia now says it's your responsibility after mandating the vaxx -

Watch out, bird flu is out there now -

Ye old fighting cocks pub shuts down after 1200 years -

Biden has message for Trudeau -

Whatfinger News funnies -

Steve Inman -

Song - Aaron Lewis - Am I The Only One -

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