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Covid Mandates Ease, Is China Using Olympics To Spread Next Pandemic & Injected = Infected
Feb 12, 2022

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Sources used in video:

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They said kids don't mind wearing masks -

Truckers win, Canada caving on passports -

Why are they removing the mandates, is it just for the election -

Not so fast, china using olympics to spread next pandemic -

Don't forget about the rise in AIDS -

Most people still don't get it, once injected you're infected -

Idiot Boston mayor gets wrecked -

This dumbass democrat says destroy trucks, then move them -

Crapification of the economy is complete -

DHS warns dropping restrictions could lead to violence -

This is what 5G is for, helicopter flies with no pilot -

Virginia Governor Youngkin shows how to do it -

Everything democrats touch turns to shit -

Bidens pick for department of energy -

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  • There was never a pandemic covid is the flu

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