Jan 13, 2022

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I'm an INDEPENDENT TRUTH SEEKER making videos about current events



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Sources used in video:

FEMA carried out a nuclear detonation drill on Jan 6th, From Bill -

Ashli Babbett shooter was cleared and never interviewed -

FBI spokesperson can't answer if FBI was involved with J6, from Blake -

Here's why you don't want an electric car, hacker claims he took over 20 Tesla's -

New mayor of NY appoints his brother deputy NYPD commisioner -

Democrats solved the shipping problem by hiding the ships -

Inflation is really at 15%, they don't count food or gas in numbers -

Gold will go up, act now -

How do voting laws stop blacks from voting -

Alot of democrat states have tougher voting laws -

DC goes full gestapo, you need ID to go outside but not to vote -

Bob Saget was part of the club -

List of names that visited Epsteins Island -

USA Today deletes thread normalizing pedophilia -

Bad news for the pedos, Prince Andrew trial to proceed -

New lawsuit filed against pedo CNN producer -

Twitter explained -

Steve Inman -

Song - I Told You So - Conspiracy Music Guru -

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