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It's Just Until, WEF Owns Chanada, Fakebook Fires Pedo, CDC Changes Rules & Are You Sick Of It Yet?
Feb 19, 2022

Aimless News

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Sources used in video:

It's Just... -

Freedom convoy US is gearing up -

Ottawa says it's against the law to protest -

Leftists can riot and destroy shit, with no repurcussions -

Convoy tells Chanada how to end protest, 7 demands -

WEF infiltrates governments -

Trudeau foundation owns 40% of company making vaxx ingredient -

Facebook fires the pedo -

Facebooks head of Meta, Jaren A. Miles busted as just another pedo -

Speaking of facebook, CDC was telling them what to censor -

CDC changes child speech guidelines -

Listen to this if you want to get your blood boiling. Italy removes child -

Now they are covering up vaxx related deaths -

Breaking out the meat and eggs propaganda to cover for vaxx blood clots -

Defunding the vaccine mandates failed because of these 4 republican cowards -

False flag attack in Ukraine -

50 years worth of being wrong on climate predictions -

So he won't get doxxed -

Whatfinger News funnies - Your Uber is here -

Whatfinger News funnies - dog really wants that stick -

Song - Burden - Do Not Comply -

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