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It's War, But What's Really Going On? Corruption & Biolabs In Ukraine & Market Bubble Ready To Burst
Feb 25, 2022

Aimless News

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Sources used in video:

They only lie about certain things -

Interesting theory on Russia invasion -

Democrats Ukraine web of corruption -

Putin ready to negotiate -

Putin calls out satan and pedophiles -

Biden sanctions will lead to higher costs here -

People vote against their own best interest -

Speaking of voting, Vermont just said non citizens can now vote -

Our financial system will fall -

Oil and inflation will spike -

Stock crash on it's way -

People really are dumber than rocks, Mark Dice strikes again -

Dictators coming if you the people don't stop it -

What a shocker, dems pay to play is giant web of corruption -

WEF 2020 young global leaders -

USPS says no to electric vehicles -

What's a pronoun -

Babylon Bee - It's over due to fuel prices -

Playing fetch with a whale -

Steve Inman -

Song - Commifornia Sucks -

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