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Mass No Comply Strike Ends This Now, Gates Says Next Pandemic Will Be Worse & God Over Government
Feb 21, 2022

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Here is how you really stop this crap -

Canada gets owned by crypto wallet company -

Ottawa cops are enjoying trampling on old ladies -

The arrests are fake -

There is no rule of law or justice, for regular people anyway -

Todays liberals and hypocrisy -

The Atlantic changes headlines -

Remember, they always tell you what they're gonna do -

The jokes just write themselves in Chanada -

Washington post says freedom is white supremacy -

The people in charge are the problem, Chicago top cop loans car to drug dealer -

Racism is so bad, they have to make it up -

Vaxx orders by country per person -

List of treatment procedures for hospitalization -

Australia uses directed energy weapon on their people -

GAB is the social network you should be on -

My Pillow easily pranks leftist media, from Blake -

Babylon Bee officer interaction -

Whatfinger News funnies -

Whatfinger News funnies -

Song - God Over Government -

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  • biggest hoax since copernicus. if they used ivermectin on the sick then 100% cure. covid 19 symptoms are the same as the flu or radiation sickness. nuremberg tribunals coming. roll out the guillotines. it's a planet wide conspiracy to exterminate 7 billion of us. and genetically modify the rest. don't take the clot shot

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